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155 Genoa
After some measuring and mislabeling of things I have confirmed my boat is a STD rig. The luff edge of the sail is 43ft 3 in (approx, I don't have somewhere to lay the whole sail out)

This is an older sail with some life left in it. Has a few repairs and a patch on the leach area at the back of the sail. I figure this is where sun was getting at the sail. I reinforced the whole weakened area. It will need a couple of small patches near the foot of the sail. If I have the opportunity I'll do these when I can borrow the sewing machine.

The sail fits a Harken roller furler.

I have a new sail so I'd like to find a new home for this one.

If you are in the VA area and are interested then call me and you are welcome to try it before we make any deal.
Price is negotiable - I'm open to trading boat items of similar value.

Mark Tamblyn
(434) 977 7211


Hi Mark,

I would be interested in The sail.  Do you have a recent picture? I have a original size Magma propane grill that I could throw in with some cash + Shipping cost.  What did you have in mind for a price?

Paul Shields
Pablo's Girl 1988 tall rig #551
Seabrook, TX
Paul & Cyndi Shields
1988 hull# 551 Tall Rig/Fin Keel


Description revised. It is for a Standard rig



Still taking up space in my basement. 5/11/11

Mark T