wanted to buy c34 in PNW

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Looking for a not too old (1987 or better), good shape catalina 34 in the
pacific northwest.

Mark Swenson

I've seen one listed on the Seattle Craigslist a few times lately.  I think it's a 1990.  There's also been a 1989 C36 there a few times too.  I think it's out of Port Townsend.   Even though you want a 34, take a look at the 36 too.  I really wanted a 34 a few years ago, but couldn't find a good one in the Seattle area.  I ended up with a great Catalina 36 instead!  Good luck!


There is one sitting in Lake Union that just went on the market that is a 97 C34.  Clean, well appointed, and well priced.  Let me know if you need details.  ksteck@stanelyworks.com

wind dancer

I've been looking for a MKII to upgrade to, and haven't seen one on Lake Union.  Did you mean '87?

If I do upgrade, I'll have an '88 for sale.
Jay Guard, 1996 Catalina 380, #3, "Aquila", Seattle

Mark Swenson