Autohelm 3000 complete for sale

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I just pulled a working autohelm 3000 off my 1987 MKI. If anyone is interested please let me know. All parts included.
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Jerry Bates

Mark, what are you asking for it. I have one in good working order but would like a spare for parts.


How about $300 for the whole kit?

I pulled the whole system off the boat to make way for a below decks system. I should be clear - the autopilot works and I was using it before I uninstalled it. I made one modification: the drive wheel attachement to the helm seemed to have worn smooth so that there was a bit of slippage sometimes as the drive belt slipped on the wheel. I used a spare belt, cut it and turned it inside out and glued it to the autohelm wheel. This worked very well for me because it meant that the grooves on the drive belt were gripping in new the grooves on the drive wheel, so no slippage and the system tracked a lot better.

Just to be claar that I have done this, other than that the system is as it was when I bought the boat and recently uninstalled it.

All who wander are not lost.


Is this still for sale and would you, and if so, how much, to post to Australia ?
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