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Author Topic: Fleet Four Update  (Read 43528 times)

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Joe and Carol

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Fleet Four Update
« on: November 13, 2009, 06:33:39 PM »

Sorry, Fleet Four missed reporting in the last issue of MainSheet.  

This winter brings a great south wind of continuing warm weather to Stockton Lake and Fleet Four members wain slowly to winterize their ships.  John and Linda ordered a new Jib planning to race some next spring, Mark and Norma move their yacht around on F Dock to catch the morning sun down the hatch versus evening on the stern, Joe and Carol went LED in total shore power after reviving the economy with IKEA purchases and the absence of Todd and Jonie still linger in sitting on the dock tales of the sunsets.  

Fleet Four Lake sailors go into coming of winter like the appreciation of starting something to endure knowing it will end.  The Annapolis Show over and St Pete Show to come, with a chance decision to bare the cold of the Chicago Show, we now long for the warmth of March to uncover, exhaust the pink, hoist up the sails and ale and discover what project old man winter put upon our provisioning. Have you heard the story of the couple finding a Beaver had made home in their boat for the winter?  Makes Fleet Four members schedule regular visits to their boats. Lake Stockton is not that remote or austere but some of you must image what it is like to sail in the Ozarks?  

Those who have to pause sailing in the winter appreciate more the seasons of earth like the Bald Eagles circling above watching the waters for the sustaining life they provide. We will sail again as soon as we can or dare despite calender or temperatures or Obama.  Keep us in mind if you ever visit Stockton Lake.  One of the top ten fresh water sailing lakes in America!

Joe and Carol
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Joe & Carol Pyles

1987 Catalina 34 TR
Hull #244

Sailing Stockton Lake, Missouri

Jack Hutteball

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Re: Fleet Four Update
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 06:59:06 PM »

Hello Joe and Carol,

Good to hear from Fleet 4 on Stockton Lake!  We missed you for the November issue, but hope you have some more news for the February issue.  I will be jogging you for a report early next month.  till then enjoy what the winter has to bring you and keep good thoughts for sailing when the weather breaks fair in your part of the country.

Jack and Ruth Hutteball
Mariah lll, #1555, 2001
Anacortes, Washington
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