typical spring questions;roller furling, hot water heater, life of Glassmat batt

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My chandler called today and has finally gotten hose in stock.  He is holding it for me until I get there on Friday. Hopefully all will go well on Friday so we can leave on our weeklong cruise on Saturday.  A couple places talked about using silicone hose with nylon mesh.  Never heard of it so did not think it a good idea to try it.  Anybody know anything about it?
Mark Mueller
Mark & Melinda Mueller
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No  question offends me. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions. Yes, the hoses are running into the tank at the bottom. They are not bypassing the hot water heater
Cliff Rieders, c34 tall rig, 1990, hull #1022

Ed Shankle

Since you're not taking offense to simple questions, have the fresh water hoses that input and output to the heater been bypassed, as many of us do when winterizing?

Ed Shankle
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