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Ken Juul

Please help the administrators keep this board current.  When you have sold or found your needed item please post that the deal is done so we can delete the thread. 

Thanks for your help.
Ken & Vicki Juul
Luna Loca #1090
Chesapeake Bay
Past Commodore C34IA

Mike and Joanne Stimmler

I believe that the person that posted  the thread can actually remove it.
I was able to do that on my motor hoist when I decided to keep it.

Mike and Joanne Stimmler
Former owner of Calerpitter
'89 Tall Rig Fin keel #940
San Diego/Mission Bay

Ron Hill

Ken : I tried to delete my "Hatch" topic and it wouldn't let me !!  

So I did the next best thing and typed in "EMPTY".  No-wonder the list is so long!!   Ron
Ron, Apache #788