Looking for a used genoa

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Catalina 34 tall rig. Looking for a cruising sail in decent shape as mine is shot and cannot afford replacement.
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Are you still looking for a headsail, I have three from a mk11 tall rig.  Check out my post.
Cory Mainnprize
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Jerry Bates

I have a used suit of sails from my C34 tall rig. Would love to sell them. The genoa is a 135 from a 915 Hood rolle furling.


Does anyone have a used asymmeterical spinaker? I sail short handed and a radial that I have is not the best for short handed sailing.
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Jerry Bates

I have sails from C34 tall rig for sale. (207) 876-4992 Maine


Hi Jerry,

I'd be interested if you have an Asymetrical spinnaker. Please pm me with details.

Mahendra, Sea Fever, Pearson 10M, #43, Oakland, CA