M25 and M25XP Freshwater Coolant Hose 1" to 7/8" TOYOTA Source

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Stu Jackson

Know that strange 90 degree hose under your fresh water coolant pump that ducks under the alternator?

I'd read about it being a Toyota part, so I stopped in an O'Reilly's store today and for $11.41 w/tax found exactly that part.

Beats the Universal price.

Radiator hose  GAT 20693
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Hi Stu - this is the hose you helped me with earlier in the season. Nice to find a solution for once that doesn't cost a sailboat small fortune and is still working fine.  :D

Paul Leible
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Recently had to replace this same hose. Found the equivelant Dayco hose at Autozone,  P/N A70637 for $3.99.
Bought a back-up hose at the same time.
Bernd, 1990- Hull 1012, Gulfport, FL

Ron Hill

Bernd : Thanks for that premolded part # again.  

I wrote that up over 20 years ago and lost track of the #.  
It sure beats trying to use a straight hose and bending it!!

[added by Stu, 3/20/2105:  PS - you can't!!! :D :D :D  The hose transitions from 1" to 7/8"!!!]
Ron, Apache #788