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Stu Jackson

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To:   Officers:  kenandvic@cox.netjonschn@gmail.com, mraquaq@aol.com  (Stu Jackson), Jenks@mashell.com (Bill Jenks), vacntess@mchsi.com, jmoe@att.net,  ronphylhill@ comcast.net, sanner@big.net (David Sanner)

        Board:   jonarck@kelarc.com, Davis_707@yahoo.com (Dave Davis), Jenks@mashell.com (Bill Jenks), mikejansmith@yahoo.com (Fleet 8), RayI00@cs.com (Fleet 1), toneydot@bellsouth.net (Fleet 13), teknikr2004@yahoo.com (Rich Freeman Fleet 12), cillman@Comcast.net (Craig Illman Fleet 5)

Re:   Catalina 34 International Association Year 2008 Annual Officers Meeting

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members;

The Annual Meeting of the Catalina 34 International Association Officers was held via telephone conference call on Thursday, February 7, 2008, 9:00 P.M.  Eastern Standard Time, 6:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.  Meeting concluded at 8:25 p.m. PST.

The 2008 International Officers are listed after these meeting.  Participants in this teleconference included all Board Members and Officers listed except for the vacant Chief Measurer position, Mike Vaccaro, Technical Editor, Jon Arck, Past Commodore, and Dave Sanner, Webmaster.


1.   Welcome, Roll Call and Introductions:  Commodore Ken Juul
a.   Commodore Juul took the roll as noted above
b.   Ken welcomed Ken Heyman as the new treasurer

2.   Electronic Membership Payments – Pay Pal
a.   Advantages
1)   Easier for overseas and continental members to sign up
2)   Potential increase in membership due to ease of use
3)   Can still use snail mail
4)   Don't have to join PayPal to use the service
5)   Other Catalina Associations use it (C25 & C42) – Stu noted that the C25 Association signup form is a good example
b.   Disadvantages
1)   Additional costs
2)   Requires acknowledgement to secretary for membership roster updates
3)   Website forms need to be updated
c.   Conclusions
1)   Officers agree that this is a worthwhile avenue to implement
2)   Jon Schneider will provide an email report on use
3)   Earliest conclusions are recommended for implementing

3.   Financial Report& Projections:  Ken Heyman
a.   Ken reviewed the Statement
1)   Total Income $13,862
2)   Operating Expenses  $13,070
3)   Positive  $791 (compared to <$3,160> in 2006
4)   Cash balance of $6,483
5)   Projections for 2008 indicate $750 positive balance
6)   Bill Jenks to send Key Heyman check register/QuikBooks report from last year
b.   Discussion
1)   Jim Moe noted that this is a good cushion that's one half of income
2)   Jon Schneider noted that all expenses should be reviewed and indicated his desire for a renovation of the website, recommended developing a "wish list" for future investments
3)   Large negative cash flow in 2006 was due to the National Regatta, expect next in 2009.  Should not reduce cash balance, rather save where possible for next National's expense to maintain comfortable cash cushion.
c.   Burgee costs are rapidly overtaking burgee income
1)   Motion made to raise burgee cost from $20 to $25
2)   Motion carried unanimously

4.   Membership:  Stu Jackson
a.   678 as of February 4, 2008
b.   Discussion centered around the potential of the website as a tool to develop a community to attract additional membership.  It was noted that there are 1,485   Forum/Message Board members, plus guests, which is significantly larger than the membership in the C34IA.  [Note added by Stu: I've only been able to find 865 participants, see: http://c34.org/bbs/index.php#2, scroll down to the bottom]. Earlier officers meeting discussions had suggested checking registered Message Board members compared to C34IA members.  Stu noted that this had been considered a burdensome task because the "usernames" in the Message Board registry are often nowhere near the same as the real names used for C34IA membership.  Jon noted that the community should be easy, inviting and encouraging and that the strategic goal should be to be able to join the community easily, and have the participants become part of the fabric by their involvement in the community.  He noted that C34IA membership is still required to gain access to the Tech Notes Online.  Jim Moe noted that the "meat" of the website remains the Tech Notes Online.
c.   To do
1)   Consider correlating the C34IA membership with registered users
2)   Stu will look into it with Dave Sanner

5.   Fleets:  Jon Schneider
a.   New Fleet(s)
1)   Jon reported contact with Joe Pyle in Missouri. Fleet number should not be one of the earlier numbers used,.
2)   Potential for restarting the New Jersey Fleet 3
3)   Fleet 5 in Puget Sound – Bill reported that he attended a meeting and that the fleet is actively using the Fleet 5 section of the C34IA Forum\General Activities\Message Board to keep active and in touch because of the large distances involved.  Stu noted his trip to Canada  few years ago where there were also large distances separating the individuals making developing a fleet and getting together more difficult.  Jim Moe noted the importance of social events to bring people together.
b.   Fleet Support for 2008
1)   Discussion included the advantages and disadvantages of providing financial support to the limited number of C34IA members in Fleets compared to the overall membership, the importance of Fleet health on the Association, and the decisions that need to be made for funding for other Association activities, including the website.  Stu discussed the background of Fleet Support, and noted that it is an item that is subject to yearly review and acceptance.
2)   Motion:  to reduce Fleet Support to zero; no second
3)   Motion: to continue Fleet Support at $10 per Fleet member, as of April 1, 2008, to be revisited again next year; passed unanimously

6.   Tech Notes Online & Website Issues:  Stu Jackson
a.   Stu reported that the original material of many Tech Notes from 2005 to present have been passed to Dave Sanner for posting on the Tech Notes Online section of the website.
b.   Website Upgrades
1)   Jon noted his discussion at the 2007 Officers Meeting, recommending that an upgrade is necessary because of the fragmented nature of the material and the older technology, which makes finding material and contents much too difficult.
2)   A content managed based website should be the goal, and to make the transition would require an investment.
3)   In conjunction with the discussion about membership, an organized effort should be made to determine the work and resources that will be required to update the website.
4)   A committee of Jon, Stu and Dave was tasked with developing this program, to report back no later than June 1, 2008.

7.   Mainsheet costs and future of hardcopy information exchange
a.   Jim Moe reported that no new costs are anticipated.

8.   Chief Measurer position:  description and vacancy
a.   The chief measurer has been active only during National Regattas.
b.   Ken Juul to offer the position to Ray Irvine
c.   Dave Davis reported on issues relating to the new boats being produced with roller furling mains which will require a new PHRF.  Other issue is factory production with 135 jibs for Northern California and 155 jibs for Southern California, while Fleet 1 racing maximum is a 130 jib.  Fleet 1 is talking to the factory.

9.   Associate Membership: definition and use
a.   Stu noted that this was primarily for the cross fertilization of C34 and C36 CD-ROMs.  Since last year no new requests have been received for this, consider closed issue.

10.   Catalina Handbook : Stu Jackson
a.   Stu reported that he will continue work on this project.

11.   National Regatta (last 2006 in San Francisco – Fleet 1)
a.   Most likely 2009 in San Francisco.
b.   Dave Davis reported on the windless San Francisco Cup in September.  The San Francisco Cup was developed by Fleet 1 to maintain C34 racing.  Dave noted that C34s race in other series during the year as one design classes since there are enough C34s to qualify as a one design class.

12.   CD-ROM update and reissue:  Stu Jackson
a.   Stu noted that this was a long term goal, the initial CD-ROM was produced in 2001, enough in stock.
b.   Jon Schneider suggested that instead of a larger package in a new CD, consideration should be given to going the other way and condensing the quantity by developing a "Best of..." compendium, which could be more "ageless."
c.   Agreed to continue to follow the website upgrades and follow this as a future item.

13.   Webmaster as officer: amendment and background
a.   Stu described the 2003 and 2004 Constitutional Amendments, when the then-current webmaster requested deletion from the officers.
b.   In lieu of a motion for another amendment to include the webmaster as an officer, Stu to discuss with Dave.  Officer status approved if desired by Dave.

14.   Attracting new leadership
a.   Ken Juul recommended inclusion of requests for new participants in each officer's Mainsheet reports

The 2008 International Officers listed were duly elected by a majority of Fleet Captains in accordance with our constitution.

2008 C34 International Association Officers

2008 Commodore Ken Juul
2007 Commodore

Dave Davis (#707)(Fleet 1)   (650) 948?3461 
Davis_707@yahoo.com  (Dave Davis)
Jon Arck (#1346) (Fleet 1) (925) 942-0888
2004 &2005 Commodore
2004 Vice-Commodore
Bill Jenks (360) 832?8760
2003 & 4 Past Commodore
2005 - 2006 Treasurer

2008 Vice-Commodore Jon Schneider 646-287-4225
2007 Vice Commodore

2008 Secretary Stu Jackson (Fleet 1) (510) 208-1906
1999-2007 Secretary

2007 Treasurer Ken Heyman (847) 422-3371 (cell)

2008 Chief Measurer VACANT

2008 Mainsheet Editor Jim Moe  (763) 786?6609
2004 to 2007 Mainsheet Editor

2008 Webmaster Dave Sanner 775-588-6699
2005 to 2007 Webmaster

2008 Technical Editor  Mike Vaccaro 850-286-5352
2005 to 2007 Technical Editor
# 563

2008  Associate Technical Editor Ron Hill (540) 891-5297
2004 & 2007  Associate Technical Editor
Past Technical Editor

Stu Jackson, C34 IA Secretary, #224 1986, "Aquavite"  Cowichan Bay, BC  Maple Bay Marina  SR/FK, M25, Rocna 10 (22#) (NZ model)

"There is no problem so great that it can't be solved."