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Stu Jackson

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Re:   Catalina 34 International Association Year 2007 Annual Officers Meeting

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members; and IA members

The Annual Meeting of the Catalina 34 International Association Officers was held via telephone conference call on Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 9:00 P.M.  Eastern Standard Time, 6:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.  Meeting concluded at 9:03 p.m. PST.

The 2007 International Officers are listed after these meeting.  Participants in this teleconference included all Officers listed except for George Bean, Chief Measurer, Jim Moe, Association Mainsheet Editor, and Dave Sanner, Webmaster.

MEETING NOTES - Officers Reports

1.   Commodore – Past Commodore Jon Arck & 2007 Commodore Ken Juul
a.   Introduction of new officers
i)   Jon Arck introduced Ken, Jon S and Mike
ii)   Ken described his sailing and naval background
b.   National Regatta
i)   Most likely will not be another National regatta next year, Fleet One will hold their regular annual two day SF Cup racing series in September

2.   Vice Commodore – Jon Schneider
a.   Introduction – Past Commodore Jon Arck noted Jon Schneider's impact to the organization even before he took office with the new "Knowledgebase" on the website.

3.   Secretary – Stu Jackson
a.   Report on Membership:  Improving level of 709 members out of 1773 boats reported by Catalina Yachts having been built.
b.   Plans and Comments
i)   C36 CD-ROM availability to C34 members: Followup to 2006 officers meeting suggestion – Stu reported that the C36 Association has outsourced their purchasing to a service, and that no one else has asked about a C36 CD-ROM.  Given the complications involved with a service, it would be hard to cross-fertilize C34 and C36 CD-ROMS without membership in either association.  A C36 Associate membership would obtain the CD without a duplicate Mainsheet magazine subscription.  Stu to make a note on the Message Board.
c.   Other – see Discussion below
i)   Suggested "capturing" cruising articles for the website
ii)   Recommended consideration of using originally written articles and color photographs for the Tech Notes Online
iii)   Will contribute to "Catalina Handbook" updates

4.   Treasurer – Bill Jenks
a.   Treasury Status/Financial Report
i)   Bill noted the balance of approximately $6,000 in the treasury, and addressed the trend in the balance decline over the previous years from $12K to $10K to $9K to $6K.
ii)   Noted that fleet support was a planned cost starting about four years ago
iii)   Noted that theft last year cost $1,500, which would have made the balance less precarious
iv)   Income is generally $12K per year, with the major cost being Mainsheet magazine of $9K, fleet support of $1.7K and this year regatta $1.1K.  Balance of costs are office, mailing, website, conference call and burgees.
b.   Budget
i)   Minimum balance should be at least the expense of one issue of mainsheet (approximately one quarter income);
ii)   Cost of burgees has increased, and raise to $20 is necessary to cover costs and mailing
iii)   Web expenses need to be submitted
iv)   New electronic Tech Notes Online approach should reduce costs by not having to pay for PDF scans ($575 in 2004, $175 last year)
c.   Other
i)   Fleet Support – see Discussion below

5.   Chief Measurer – George Bean – no report

6.   Webmaster – Dave Sanner  – no report

7.   Technical Editor – Mike Vaccaro
a.   Plans and Comments – Mike will work with Dave Sanner to implement "Director's Cut" of recent and future Tech Notes Online.  Mike has been forwarding his material through Jim Moe to the Mainsheet
b.   Tech Notes Online direct transfer from files to eliminate PDFs: 
c.   Other

8.   Mainsheet Editor – Jim Moe – no report


1.   Continued Fleet support
a.   Discussion:  Included concerns about the perceived inequality of fleet support to non-fleet members as compared to goals of the C34IA to support local fleets.  Agreed to keep the $300 maximum support for new local fleet formation.  The C34IA should support fleets, not necessarily finance them, additional support is provided by the website, fleets should also support the C34IA by encouraging C34IA membership from fleet members.
b.   Motion 1: Eliminate fleet support this year, revisit again next year -- 4 aye, 3 nay; motion carried
c.   Discussion ensued over the ability to reconsider the vote, with the agreement that reconsideration would be no different than changing a vote from an earlier year.
d.   Motion 2:  to reconsider motion 1 – carried unanimously
e.   Motion 3: Reduce the current fleet support from $15 to a lesser amount, no more than $10 – carried unanimously
f.   Motion 4:  To provide Fleet Support in the amount of $10 per Fleet member as of April 1, 2007, to be revisited again next year -- 4 aye, 3 nay; motion carried
i)   Ken to write to fleet captains, need number of members sent to Bill Jenks

2.   Support for future National Regattas
a.   It appears that there will be no national Regatta this year.
b.   Agreed to revisit regatta support when the next one is planned.  Issue is concern that regatta supports only racers.

3.   Minimum Balance for Treasury
a.   Agreed that at least two Mainsheet issue costs should be the minimum balance for the treasury, no need for a separate account, requires discipline, noted that funds are used primarily as the Mainsheet magazine publishing and distribution service in addition to the website and periodic CD-ROM issues
b.   Motion: maintain a minimum of $4,600 in the account, if balance falls below that level, the treasurer to email the officers to discuss the next steps– carried unanimously

4.   Updating website with original Mainsheet Tech Notes & capturing "Passage and Destination" articles by C34 members published in Mainsheet – Stu to follow with Jim and Mike

5.   Website
a.   Upgrades – Jon Schneider noted the "patchwork quilt" of the website based on different inputs with different technologies over the years.  The goal is to simplify navigation and follow a consistent story line.  Jon reviewed the highlights of his overall web redesign package. 
b.   Knowledgebase – already up and running, thanks to Jon S
c.   Budget: Efforts will be made to enlist the aid of membership, Jon S. and Dave will work out the logistics.

6.   Membership
a.   Ken requested to Stu develop a flyer based on the "advantages of C34IA membership"
b.   Stu to send Mainsheets to Fleet Captains
c.   Stu to track new boat continuing membership – while the database is not set up for statistical analysis, Stu will keep an eye on it
d.   Stu and Ken to work on "sticky" on message board for Question of the Month
e.   Discussion about enlisting assistance from Catalina Yachts; noted that they are in the business of building and selling boats, not necessarily supporting fleets, similar to dealers
f.   Ken suggested reviewing yachtworld.com for potential sales of boats to contact dealers to make new owners aware of the C34IA;  Jon Arck to follow, Stu to provide benefits of membership letter to Jon.
g.   Membership database from Stu to Jon S
h.   Online registration to be researched by Jon S

Summary "TO DO" List

1.   C36 CD-ROMs: Stu to make a note on the Message Board about associate membership in the C36 Association.

2.   "Catalina Handbook" – Stu to update

3.   Tech Notes Online – Mike and Dave to work on transferring electronic copies to the website; Stu and Jim to assist

4.   Cruising stories for the website – Stu to work with Jim

5.   Burgee costs to increase to $20 to cover costs of burgees and mailing

6.   Fleet support amount for 2007 and C34IA membership encouragement – Ken to write to Fleet Captains

7.   Stu
a.   Flyer to Ken on membership advantages (BoatUS discount, website, Mainsheet, CD-ROM)
b.   Distribute copies of older Mainsheets to Fleet Captains for recruiting tool
c.   Keep track of continued membership of newer hulls – do they stay as members?
d.   Send member benefit letter to Jon Arck to use with yachtworld sales
e.   Spreadsheet of membership to Jon Schneider for spot calls

7.   Jon Arck – followup with yachtworld.com for C34 sales

8.   Jon S to research online registration

Things We Didn't Start or Finish Discussing & Should Get Together On Soon

1.   CD-ROM availability to others and Associate Membership definition for availability of services.  Discussion of more detailed definition of "Associate membership" to parallel C36 idea to allow distribution of the C34IA CD-ROM to others who may wish to obtain it without duplicating Mainsheet magazine subscription

2.   Reissue or update of the C34 CD-ROM and capturing message board onto a CD

The 2007 Officers listed were duly elected by a majority of Fleet Captains in accordance with our constitution.

2007 C34 International Association Officers

2007 Commodore Ken Juul

Dave Davis (#707)(Fleet 1)   (650) 948?3461 
Davis_707@yahoo.com  (Dave Davis)
Jon Arck (#1346) (Fleet 1) (925) 942-0888
2004 & 2005 Commodore
2004 Vice-Commodore
Bill Jenks (360) 832?8760
2003 & 4 Past Commodore

2007 Vice-Commodore Jon Schneider 646-287-4225

2007 Secretary Stu Jackson (Fleet 1) (510) 208-1906
1999-2006 Secretary

2007 Treasurer Bill Jenks (360) 832?8760
2005 - 2006 Treasurer
2003 & 2004 Past Commodore

2007 Chief Measurer - George Bean  (408) 473-5068 (office)
2003-2006 Chief Measurer
george.t.bean@lmco.com  (George Bean)

2007 Mainsheet Editor Jim Moe  (763) 786?6609
2004 to 2006 Mainsheet Editor

2007 Webmaster Dave Sanner 775-588-6699

2007 Technical Editor  Mike Vaccaro 850-286-5352
# 563

2006  Associate Technical Editor Ron Hill (540) 891-5297
2004 & 2005  Associate Technical Editor
Past Technical Editor

Stu Jackson, C34 IA Secretary, #224 1986, "Aquavite"  Cowichan Bay, BC  Maple Bay Marina  SR/FK, M25, Rocna 10 (22#) (NZ model)

"There is no problem so great that it can't be solved."

John Langford

4.   Treasurer – Bill Jenks
a.   Treasury Status/Financial Report
i)   Bill noted the balance of approximately $6,000 in the treasury, and addressed the trend in the balance decline over the previous years from $12K to $10K to $9K to $6K.
ii)   Noted that fleet support was a planned cost starting about four years ago
iii)   Noted that theft last year cost $1,500, which would have made the balance less precarious

Theft of $1500? Tell us more. Is the culprit behind bars?
Ranger Tug, 29S

Stu Jackson


Nope, never caught.  The bad guys ripped off Bill's post office.  We recovered only half of the stolen amounts due to Bill's letter to those whose checks were stolen and who were kind enough to replace them.  We continued everyone's membership, regardless.  We've changed our procedures and now notify Bill before we send him the quarterly batch of checks from here (secretary) so he can make sure he checks with the post office.  Barn door's open...
Stu Jackson, C34 IA Secretary, #224 1986, "Aquavite"  Cowichan Bay, BC  Maple Bay Marina  SR/FK, M25, Rocna 10 (22#) (NZ model)

"There is no problem so great that it can't be solved."