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Author Topic: fresh water system winterizing  (Read 1349 times)

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Mark Wey

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fresh water system winterizing
« on: October 08, 2006, 04:15:24 AM »

That time of year again. I searched the board but could not find exactly what I was looking for.

Here's the question. For many years I have circulated plumbing antifreeze in the water system to winterize. This did work but the taste and flushing in the spring is getting tiring. I talked to a buddy with another model and he just drains the lines. I imagine this would work for the Mk1.

Has anybody done this? Where do you think the lowest part of the system is? How do you manage to get all of the water out of the pump?



Mark Wey
2004 C-36

Momentum M

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Re: fresh water system winterizing
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2006, 05:49:47 AM »

Mark, I agree with you and because of taste/smell  I blow my lines.  Here is what I do:

-  Once my thanks are empty, I disconnect the hose at the pressure pump ( on the upper side- meaning where the pressured side of the pump would be.

- I attached a small connector to that hose so that I can blow air from a small compressor.

- When the system is pressurized I start with the hot water thank.  I open the valve and let     (with a small hose connected to that valve) the water run in the bilge.  Close the valve.

- I then open all the by one...cold & hot.  You open one...let water/air come out...close it and then move on to the next one.

-  When done, I start all over again...just to be on the safe side!!!

- Now all the line are empty short of maybee a few drops of water but not enough to cause problems.

-  For the pressure pump, I have install a "T" just before it with a screw cap.  I use a funnel to pour RV antifreeze.  You don't need much...just enough to come out of the pump on the other side (disconnected).  Now your pump is safe. 
        -  I know of some boaters that prefer to take the pump out and bring home...but I find my way a lot faster and (unless you have quick disconnect on your hoses and elect) easier.

When spring come all I do (before reconnecting the hose on the pressured side - remember it was disconnected in the Fall in order to pump air), I fill my thanks and start the pump.  The little RV antifreeze that is theire runs down to the bilge.  Reconnect the hose on the pump and your ready to use your water without any taste/smell.

Now don't forget the other other pump for the shower/ice box.  If you have this one all you have to do is pour again RV antifreeze on the floor drain of the shower and in the drain hole of the ice box and get the pump going.  Now your done.

It might sound a bit complicated the first time but it's really easy....

Maybee your boat is not arranged same as mine but if you get the drift...follow your line and adapt to your system.


Serge & Carole Cardinal
C 34 Mk II 2005 - 1719
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Fresh water, Ontario Lake, Canada/Usa
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Ron Hill

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Re: fresh water system winterizing
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2006, 11:42:09 AM »

Mark : Look in the Frequently Asked Questions (before 1999) and you'll find an old "how to winterize a MK I" that I wrote up.

You're still better off to completely drain all of the water out of the tanks and maybe add alittle potable antifreeze to the water heater as a just in case.  A wet/dry shop vac works well.  Your aft tank will completely drain and the starboard tank has a 4 " cleanout on the top.   Unscrew the sediment bowel before the pump and disconnect the lines at the pump.  I also attach a short line and suck/blow them clear.  Leave the lines undone until spring. 
Then in spring (connect all lines) shut off the aft tank and start to fill the starboard tank and turn on the hot water faucet for 5 minutes (while filling) and you'll purge any antifreeze out of the system.

Head is easy - shut off the thru hull and open the Wet Bowl on the head control.  Pour anti freeze in the shower drain and turn on the drain switch - keep pouring until you see the antifreeze filling the bowel.  Shut off the switch and flip the lever to Dry Bowl and pump the antifreeze into the holding tank.  DONE!!

Don't forget the other little places that I mentioned.   
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Ron, Apache #788
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