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Author Topic: Spares/replacement raw water pump, etc  (Read 1229 times)

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Spares/replacement raw water pump, etc
« on: November 27, 2001, 11:32:53 AM »

Does anyone have a recommendation as to spares to have.  I have a spare impellor for the original raw water pump for the M 35  1997 stock engine, but getting at and checking the impellor with the backwards stock water pump seems unwise.  Ive read about the obendofer and wonder about getting it as a back up and ultimate replacement should the original fail.  Any resources for where to puchase?   I also am wondering about replacing the jib halyard.  I am wanting to get necessary spares for replcement for cruising the southern bahamas where parts are harder to get than in the states.  I also have questions about the fuel guage, which the sender was replaced but stopped working after 3 weeks.  also the hour meter, which I am thinking of adding a seperate hour meeting rather than replacing the entire unit.  Other ideas, hint and suggestions welcome.  Thanks all


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raw water pumps - M35
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2001, 08:03:31 AM »

After replacing the Sherwood impellor in a rolling anchorage on a hot July day which was a rather frustrating experience, I bought the Oberdorfer and carried it as a spare pump rather than getting another Sherwood impellor.  A few months later the Sherwood started leaking so I replaced it with the Oberdorfer. Almost easier to change out the pump than change the Sherwood impellor.  The new Oberdorfer pump was not much more than the cost to rebuilt the Sherwood and I was advised against rebuilding the Sherwood anyway.  I ordered the pump from Lakewood Yacht Service in Houston and it was around $120 as I recall.
 This was a couple of years ago and if I remember correctly: the hose barbs on the Sherwood are 90 degree and due to the diffence in pump designs will not work on the Oberdorfer.  I put straight barbs on the Oberdorfer and the intake/outlet hoses make the 90 turn to the barbs. I replaced the inlet and outlet hoses when I replaced the pump as the existing hoses weren't long enough to make the 90 degree turn (and they needed replacing anyway).
 The only word of caution I received on the Oberdorfer is it doesnt have has high a capacity (GPM)as the Sherwood.  However, in the summer the water temps push 90 here (South TX) and have had  no heating problems at all with the Oberdorfer so this is apparently not an issue.
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