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wind dancer

Quote from: wind dancer on October 11, 2006, 01:51:16 PM
Base fee at Fremont Boat is $8.25/ft plus electricity and taxes.  Pretty good for the Central Sound and the people there are friendly and helpful.  They charge by boat length rather than slip-length, which is nice.  It'll be nice to save a few bucks when we move up north, though.

Update:  Fremont Boat's rates are up to $8.75/ft now.  Still a good deal in the central Seattle area.  Another year coming on the Everett waiting list. . .
Jay Guard, 1996 Catalina 380, #3, "Aquila", Seattle

Craig Illman

So, is it $8.75 for 34 feet or the 35.5 real tip-to-tip? I'm paying $315/month for my 38ft single up at Anacortes. From the time I leave my front porch, I'm probably out sailing as soon as you are, but it's a bit of a drive just to do boat projects.

From your other post, it sounds like you had more of an adventure that you bargained for today. You probably didn't get much sleep last night either?

By the way, pulling the fuel tank isn't that big a deal, the worst part is getting all the fuel out.


wind dancer

I slept well, though I have more projects on my list than I thought.   :D

Fremont Boat charges by LOA, rounded up, which seems to be standard operating procedure around here.  My new, improved, rate is going to be $8.75x36=$315 plus electricity. 

Jay Guard, 1996 Catalina 380, #3, "Aquila", Seattle