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Stu Jackson:
PLUMBING (water hoses, plumbing, general boat stuff, rigging, furling)

Company:   S&R Marine   Address:   Grand Marina, Alameda
   Contact:   Don Rock      
   Phone:   510-749-0761
                Cell:         510-325-6464

Don's a good guy, pleasant to work with, will share his knowledge with you, doesn't mind you helping out while he's there.  Kinda jack of all trades.  Most likely works only on our side of the Bay, and local.  Has a ponytail like Greg Sherwood used to have!   :lol:

He's off cruising now.

ELECTRICAL - good guy used by Stan O'Hoppe, nice work

               Ryan's Marine, Ryan Schofield  510-385-3842
                  lives on his boat, a C27 I think, at Oakland Yacht Club (most likely will travel), his small thin ad is usually in the last ten pages of Latitude 38

REFRIGERATION (Adler Barbour fridges)

                Anderson Refrigeration Company   Address:   PO Box 2346
   Contact:   Carl Anderson      3204 Fiji Lane
   Phone:   510-521-3111   Bay Farm Island
   Title:      City:   Alameda
   Sec:      State:   CA
   Dear:   Carl   Zip Code:   94501


   Company:   Worldwide Marine Surveys, Ltd.   Address:   351 Embarcadero
   Contact:   Peter Minkwitz      
   Phone:   510-465-2527   Ext:      CC:   1   
   Title:      City:   Oakland
   Sec:      State:   CA
   Dear:   Peter   Zip Code:   94606

Peter is an absolute professional.  He was the director of Svendsen's boat yard in Alameda for many years.  He surveyed two C34s for me, the one we chose NOT to purchase (thanks to Peter's survey), and Aquavite.  Peter is familiar with C34s and has copies of much of the earlier (1998) on-line website material, which he asked me to copy for him to further his knowledge of our specific models.  Highly recommended.  His written surveys are very thorough, and include his recommendations for work that needs to be accomplished.  He doesn't do engine surveys, so that is something, as always, you need to consider separately.  I know of no one else in the Bay area who will provide the information needed in a REAL survey (as opposed to only an inventory survey) in such a concise and useful manner.

BAD News:  Peter passed away in 2011.

Stu Jackson:
See this for discussion about rigging:  http://c34.org/bbs/index.php?topic=3480.0

Stu Jackson:

I got this from the C36 Message Board recently:


The store is Foam Creations, located at 1120 Solano Ave. in Albany. 510-526-7186. I don't believe they have a website, but in googling them I noticed they had some good reviews on Yelp and Yahoo.

They seemed knowledgeable, and have done a lot of boat cushions. They were able to walk me through the different foam options. The work was done quickly and competently. Unfortunately, my zippers were shot, and they could not do the replacement. I had a canvas shop in Sausalito replace the zippers once the foam was installed.

Nelson Lee, "Zephyr," 1991 C36, hull 1133, Universal M35, berthed Sausalito, CA

Stu Jackson:

You may want to contact Bill Ingle he operates out of Grand Marina and his number is 510/708-9391.

Tell him Steve (Dion) from Hidden Harbor told you to call. He may have a rebuilt one available for you too.

Stu Jackson:

For those in the SF Bay Area: Carl Stirtz (Oakland,CA) was a wonderful wealth of knowledge about my engine (and many other topics), and I highly recommend him for any machine shop work (not just diesels) including rebuilding water pumps. His fees are more than reasonable.

This is from Dave Sanner's great engine rebuild wiki:  http://www.c34.org/wiki/index.php?title=Rebuilding_the_M25-XP


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