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Author Topic: Remote for 4000 plus  (Read 1424 times)

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Remote for 4000 plus
« on: July 05, 2001, 02:18:05 PM »

Remote for 4000 plus
 I install the remote that came with my 4000 plus and it does not work. It said to wire it to the same terminals as the drive unit on the wheel. This does not seem right but who am I to question it?
 Has anyone installed the remote and gotten it to work? I need help. I will call the manufacture but maybe the list can help.
 Thanks in advance.
 Capt Al    ~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~~(\_~~~~
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Capt Al

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Remote for 4000 plus
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2001, 04:44:08 PM »

For anyone interested and in need of this info, I got it answered on the mail list. See below
 Capt Al
 Subj:  Re: [c30-list] Remote for 4000 plus
 Date:  07/06/2001 3:56:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From:  Ronsailcat
 Capt Al - Mine is hooked up same as Adam - the installation instructions I have are dated August 1998.  Back of Control Unit (CU) has two parallel Sea Talk connection ports - either can be used.  Cable from Remote Plug (RPR) receptacle to Control Unit is part #D177 (When I called Raytheon to order it, they said its expensive and to just use three different colored - yellow red green - marine grade tinned 16 ga wire. The illustration (sorry I don't have a scanner) shows the wires plugged into the three slots (on the back of the CU) immediately counter clockwise from the power supply to the CU.  Order from left to right is red (power) Yellow (seatalk data) green ("screen").  The back of the RPR has three connection points marked by one, two and three stripes in the plastic (not really easily seen). Stripe one is the "screen or ground (green), two is the red (12v power +) and three Yellow (Sea Talk) data.  I installed the RPR in the middle of the main cabin in the side of a cabinet so the Remote would reach the bow (we spend a lot of time on the bow especially when powering) as well as the stern.  Take the remote out through one of the overhead hatches.  Hope this helps - Best
 Ron Killian
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