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Author Topic: Ron Hill : Engine Part Numbers/Cross-Referenced  (Read 1009 times)

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Mark Wey

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Ron Hill : Engine Part Numbers/Cross-Referenced
« on: February 13, 2004, 08:09:08 PM »

Att: Ron Hill
 Ron, I am aware that you have the Universal XP25 engine on your C-34. You also have taken the time and initiative to obtain the cross referenced, (comparable) part numbers from  Kubota. i.e. oil and fuel filters etc. Is there some means of getting a more detailed/complete set of comparable part #’s for an entire engine. Or any part there of.  Regardless, whether it is an XP25  an M-35, or what ever. A list that we (the C34IA membership) could draw upon to cross-reference any or all of the relevant parts. Also, to be assured that it is an OEM part and not an offshore component of inferior quality? I have approached various Kubota Tractor dealers and find their reaction is much less than interested. In other words, relevant parts number would go a long way.
 P.S. I did a search. Alas, I found no definitive answer. One that all can interrupt and exploit the relevant information regarding various engines, spread across twenty plus years of C-34  production.
 Your expertise and generosity is appreciated!
 Mark Wey
Mark Wey
2004 C-36
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