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Author Topic: Mystery Leak Solved  (Read 1844 times)

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Mystery Leak Solved
« on: May 29, 2001, 09:10:41 AM »

Many thanks to Bob Lancaster of Sjora (#1420).  I have had a leak since commisioning last year that turned out to be just what he suggested: a missing bolt in the rub rail.  Apparantly, when the clowns at the factory can't get a bolt to cooperate, they just pull it and move on.  We both had a 1/4" hole in the spot where the head/NAV station bulkhead meets tha hull.  The scuppers dump half the deck water on either side of that low spot.  I put a huge squeeze of Boat Life caulk into the hole and set a well caulked 1/4" x 1" pan head screw into the hole.  Something to check if you have a leak in the head that appears from under the countertop.  Thanks again Bob.
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