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George Fogel

I just bought a 1988 C34 ( hull 708). Right now I'm 4 hours away and while I was there today, I forgot to check to see how the main was attached both to the mast and more importantly the boom. I want to add a stack pac, so I need to know. (I won't see the boat again for about ten days.

Stu Jackson

Most mainsails are attached to the mast with sail slugs and to the boom with the bolt rope.  Some boom connections have used slugs, too, but not OEM.
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Some mainsails are loose-footed, only attached to the boom with the tack crinkle pinned at gooseneck and the clew crinkle attached to the outhaul. IMO you are taking a big leap of faith asking folks how their C34 is set-up with the hope that yours is the same.
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Jim Hardesty

QuoteI just bought a 1988 C34 ( hull 708)

Congratulations and welcome.  I doubt it's the original mainsail.  So as others have said, you really need to see what you have.  I would suggest before spending much effort, time and money with existing sails to have them inspected by a good sailmaker.  "a stich in time saves nine" well applies to what maybe 30 year old stitching.   You may need to do a bit of searching and a visit or two to find a good sail loft.  Myself, that's a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. 
Jim Hardesty
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Get the boat home first then you won't have to do anything from memory.
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Ron Hill

North : You 1988 came from the factory with an clevis pin for the base of the Mainsail (Tack) that is attached to the gooseneck of the boom attachment.  Then as Stu mentioned there are sail slugs that go into the track on the Mast.  You'll need to find out if your C34 is a standard or a tall rig!!
(the foot of the Mainsail goes into slot on the boom)

Hope this helps??  A few thoughts
Ron, Apache #788

George Fogel

Thanks everyone I'll see the boat again next weekend and will press on then!