Leaking around mast boot but not though the boot

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I have been trying to stop water from entering my boat from above: rain water! One significant source of water WAS the salon hatch. After replacing the seal, r&r the hatch and plexiglass, I finally just replaced the whole thing - problem solved.  I had also noticed water entering around the mast boot.  My 33 year old mast boot is in looks pretty bad but when the hatch was replaced there was enough extra adhesive to put a nice layer over the entire boot. The current problem is that the leaking around the boot continues.  It appears that rain water is finding its way into the boat through the 3 block anchors secured to the mast boot hardware. This water drips out from a crack where the deck meets the mast hole (See photo).  This appears to be how the water gets around the boot. Assuming that this is where water is coming in,  Im not sure how to seal around these swiveling anchor pins. There may be another entry point that i have not found yet.  Has anyone else dealt with this kind of leaking problem?