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Anyone bought Chainplates from Catalina Direct lately?  Are they fairly decent quality?  I notice on the Catalina Yacht site they state they only have parts for current production models, not sure if that is a new policy?

Anywhere else that might sell these chainplates?

I pulled one of my chainplates to seal a leak I was having and noticed a little crevice corrosion at the top of where the old sealant was. It doesn't look horrible, but enough to grab your fingernail if you scrape across it. So I figure it's probably worth replacing.


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Agreed, the corrosion on top doesn't look horrible...but those welds do.
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Garhauer Marine or Catalina Direct. Compare pricing. Same product.
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Garhauer would be my recommendation. CD, I believe, has them made for them by Garhauer.
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i replaced all six of mine through CD a couple of years ago.  the product was nearly identical to the ones i pulled off the boat.  i can't say where CD gets them (likely garhauer) and they're pricey through CD, but they do seem to be the same fit/finish as the originals
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If you can't get the replacement it's an easy fix better than new.  Take out the slight crevice w/ a 1/16" blade, weld it, grind fair and polish.  It's stronger than the original.
I bet GhM would do it, or a local stainless shop.
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Guys : Go to Garhauer for your replacement chainplate.  That's probably where Catalina Direct gets theirs's that they resell to you!!?!

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I talked to Garhauer and ordered the set through them. They were slightly cheaper than Catalina Direct.


1998 Catalina 34 Mkii 1390 - Miss Allie
New Bern, NC