free roller furler

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no longer available 

Jim Fitch

Hello Kocyk -

I sent you a PM.  I'm definitely interested but I'm up just south of Boston.  How far down in CT are you?  Can you text me a picture of the lower furling section including the bottom feed tube?  I have a working furler but the feed tube is broken and Hood doesn't carry the part any more.  My cell number is in the PM I sent.  Just check "MY MESSAGES" after you sign in.  I'm assuming this is a Seafurl 900?

Thanks,  Jim



Is this still available? I'm nearby and could definitely use it.

Thank you,

s/v Elro
1987 C34 #494


Hi, just wondering if by any chance this is still available.    We are VERY interested and would happily come down from Boston to pick up.   Please advise.   thanks very much!  I will Message you as well.