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Robert Mann

A simple question.  How have people cleaned the inside of the stern of the Mk II hull?  Through the aft port and starboard lockers, or by removing the aft water tank and "crawling in", I have zero chance of going through the lockers.

Second point regarding water in bilge.  When there is a heavy storm here I get water in my normally bone dry bilge.  Finally, I think I have found the answer.  The fridge compressor on my Mk II is located in the starboard aft locker, I believe by the factory. In an attempt to duct cool air to the fan they have added a "y" fitting, right above the compressor in the bilge fan exhaust duct (plastic dryer hose).  This Y fitting is open, an I believe in a heavy blow over the stern water gets into the rear of the boat and runs to the bilge.  If you have a similar issue open the starboard aft locker stand on your head and look upwards and you will see the duct, which terminates in the hooded vent on the transom.  See if there are water tracks evident.  This will cause water to puddle in the indentation towards the stern.

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If the goal is to clean the aft locker or any job for that matter the better access you have to the project the better and easier the job will be. When I had to R&R the refrigerator located in the rear locker along with some epoxy work and some cleaning I removed the water tank. It's not that big a job and it makes the job you're there to do so much easier.

On the 2nd point the storm water in my bilge usually comes through the mast. My compressor is located in the same place as yours and it's never had any kind of cooling ducting. That rear locker is roomy, airy, and generally stays cool enough to support a compressor without additional ducting being necessary, at least on my boat. If it's leaking I'd remove it.
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Kenvin. I believe your boat's (MKI) and his boat's (MKII) lockers configurations (and access) are not the same.
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On the vent lines, I just replaced my vent hoses in the last few months because the old ones were completely filled with mud daubers. I replaced the starboard side hose by the fridge compressor end to end and I had no such "Y" valve in my mkii.. Now mine is an 98, so a couple years older than yours, maybe that's a later addition?. That does seem a little risky though. On mine the hose came from the clam shell up to behind the propane locker and was right up to the gunnel. I have to imagine in a really following sea that water could get up into that hose. Maybe you could suspend the Y valve with the open end facing up ?

By the way, I added screen over the opening inside the clam vent to keep out the mud daubers.


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Jim Hardesty

QuoteA simple question.  How have people cleaned the inside of the stern of the Mk II hull?

I simply hosed them out good through the aft lockers. Did it some then checked that the water was going to the bilge.  Keep the water away from the wiring. Had to clean the limber holes a few times, a lot of saw dust and debris that came from the factory.  As I remember took the aft berth cushions out for access and just in case.  Was easy but time consuming.  A good chore when there's a lack of wind.
FWIW   My first leak in that area was caused by a bad o-ring on the emergency tiller access. 
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