Hood Seafurl 900/915 LD parts wanted.

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I need a short length of the extrusion (OD 1 5/8) for the Sea Furl 915.  Mine got kinked, and the rigger just cut out the kink, and hoped I'd never notice. New rigger wants to do surgery on the sail.  I need about a foot of extrusion, and a splice piece.

If it helps, I did successfully 3D print the top bearing assembly out of ABS plastic... 



i have a bunch of extra pieces from another member that changed his out.  the rivet holes are in the best condition, but they're probably still workable.  where are you?
1989 Cat34 #856, original m-25xp


Metro New York.

I just need a coupe of feet of good tube, and a splice fitting.

Where are you?