push button fuse/breaker for hot water heater fix for tomorrow's survey

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kerk fisher

My question is how can I get the push button fuse/breaker for the hot water heater to pop out (off position).  All power is disconnected on our boat as we're in the process of selling it.  I was showing the prospective buyer how the button works.  It was popped out and I pushed it in, thinking I could just push it again and it would spring pop out.  But not happening. Surveyor wants shore power electricity tomorrow and I need the hot water heater to be off so it doesn't burn out without water.  Does it somehow need power to pop out? Do I need to access the back of the panel to fix this?  Or am I missing something? Thanks,k Kerk
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Ron Hill

Kirk : The breaker does not need power to pop out!!  For tomorrow you just might want to disconnect the AC wires at the water heater it's self.
You are correct that you don't want it to come ON if there is no water in the Water Heater!!

A few thoughts

Ron, Apache #788


I have a push button breaker for the propane tank solenoid, not the water heater.  I just pinch it an pull it at the same time.


You might try spraying silicone lube or ptfe lube in the button (with a wand) and working it.  It might be tired or it might be toast.

If you can easily get at it just unscrew the feed wire to it or to the WH and wire nut it. 

Or try electronic contact cleaner.

I recall this happening before and a little TLC fixed it.
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