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Got the A/C installed and now I can retire :clap :clap :clap
Went with Flagship Marine because I wanted heat without using a heat pump.
It has resistive heat so I can have heat on the hard which the boat spends half the year on. 
Put it in the hanging locker by the chart table and used the macerator through hull as being on the great lakes
no overboard discharge.
Splashed boat in the snow 1 inch on the deck and got the boat up to 70 degrees.
Next weekend it was 85 degrees and had the boat down to 68 degrees.
It seems like a nice unit and it contains no printed circuit boards so will be easier to maintain.
have a great season all  :D
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Nifty!!  Those temp swings are something else!
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I bet it took some serious boat yoga to install in that locker! :thumb:
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Hi...  Nice installation!!  Now that you've had the unit all summer and fall, wondering how you like it.  I've always thought when my AC unit dies, I would install the Flagship unit because of the resistance heat while on the hard.  Curious how it's been performing. thanks!
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