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It'd be nice to know who else is out there with a C 34 in Lake Michigan - especially the Muskegon/Whitehall area.  From our slip, including our boat, there are 5 C34's all visible from the cockpit.  It's pretty cool.  Would like to get to know some other C34 owners, etc.  It might be fund to do a mini-rendevouz, if there are enough boats and interest!
Mike & Anne Maksimchuk
1989 C34 #880  "Sisu"
Mk I, Wing Keel, M25XP Engine
Boat - Whitehall, MI
People - Kent City, MI


We are in South Haven at River Noir YC and there are 2 other C34s in our marina. 


Our C34, Kokomis, is in Charlevoix at Irish Boat Shop Marina on Lake Charlevoix.
Corey and Dawn Thompson

Scott Hibbs

Located in Northport. Would enjoy a Michigan C-34 mini-rendezvous!
Scott Hibbs
"Escape Hatch"
2004 MK II, #1679, M-35B
Northport, MI


Anchorman, @ Great Lakes Marina Muskegon, MI.  If you know of anyone that is in the market we are looking to sell. 1990 C34 MK 1.5


I sail Carina, a '91 C-34 Mk 1.5 out of McKinley Harbor in Milwaukee.  I have family in the Traverse City area so I often make a summer run north via Muskegon and other Michigan ports.  I wouldn't mind connecting with Michigan C-34 sailors.

Is edwebb's C-34 still for sale?

John Krezoski
S/V Carina, 1991 Mk 1.5 T.R., B35-30HP, McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, WI