Wanted: c34 Std rig heasail - 110% - 130%

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David Sanner

Looking for something that has enough life in it to stand up SF winds, UV cover and tape for #6 foil.
Anything from a 100% up to 130%

Boat in SF Bay.  Thx
David Sanner, #611 1988, "Queimada" San Francisco Bay

Paul at Masthead

I saw your post about sails

I'm Paul with Masthead Enterprises - we sell used sails

I have a new never used Catalina factory OEM Catalina 34 standard 110% and a 135%
the 110% is $1161.00 and it has a white sunbrella suncover and the 135% is $1539.00 and it has a Captain Navy sunbrella suncover

And we have a used 100% Jib with #6 luff tape in Very Good Condition , but no suncover for $400.00

Link to the 110%   https://mastheadsailinggear.com/product/20719/

Link to the 135%    https://mastheadsailinggear.com/product/20706/

link to the used sail   https://mastheadsailinggear.com/product/20622/

or call or email 727-327-5361 or masthead@mastheadsailinggear.com