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Author Topic: Fitting Radar on my 34 MkII Tall Rig  (Read 1196 times)

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Jon W

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Re: Fitting Radar on my 34 MkII Tall Rig
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2021, 03:51:45 PM »

I expected more to justify the tone, especially since that’s not the only mount available.

Not just YouTube feedback. Regarding YouTube, there’s lots of sailing channels of people with little experience whose input I would not consider, to long time cruiser “engineering types” that patent their own BMS design as one example. No veiled insults, I was clarifying.
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SV Sand Pebble

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Re: Fitting Radar on my 34 MkII Tall Rig
« Reply #16 on: January 13, 2022, 08:58:20 PM »

  I'm a new sailor, its been only 3 years. My wife and I ran into heavy fog twice our first year, it spooked us. So I installed the Furuno DRS4 radar on our C34 mark 1 myself, complete for about $3000.00. I removed the halyard exit plates and tie wrapped the cable to the outside of the wiring conduit being the radar cable was to large to enter the conduit halfway up the mast. It's been working 2 years without a problem, its not the latest technology but it shows the buoys Marking the center of the channel and 99 percent of all boats. Note: it does not bang or clank accept for the worse of anchoring conditions. The DRS4 is Bluetooth to your Apple devices or you can purchase a separate display. It does have chart overlay with the navigation program TZ I boat, about the same cost as Navionics, I have both for theirs different benefits. Mostly I use my 10" IPad and I have no problem seeing the screen in the fog or at night. Other then that I do not use it.
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