loose footed or foot in boom track for new main sail?

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kerk fisher

For our new main sail made by Quantum sails I have an option of a "Loose foot with additional loose round" or traditional with foot in the boom track.  They say that most of the sails they're making now are loose foot.  What are your thoughts?  1990 reg rig.  Thanks, Kerk  And thanks for the thoughts on full or partial battens--I'm going with full.  Kerk
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Defo loose foot.
I presume by additional they mean install a shelf?
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Agree on loose footed and full battens. I have a Tides Strong Track that helps with sail hoisting and dropping. For full battens you will need add the appropriate "pocket" slides/slugs whatever system you use.
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Stu Jackson

Kerk, if you go loose foot, make danged sure your outhaul works properly.  It is much more ne4cessary and useful than on a traditional foot.  I know, my outhaul's been frozen for decades...:D
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Ha! I have a 10:1 outhaul and it works. Stu—get with the program! :D
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Another vote for loose foot.  It is the preferred set up these days.
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I've been very happy with the loose foot and definitely have better sail control/trim than my previous traditional main. Not to mention that its a lot easier to rig and I can see the sail shape much better. Also less chaffing and staining.
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