Catalina 34 mains and genoas for sale

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Paul at Masthead

Catalina 34 Standard & Tall Rig - New Catalina Factory Built OEM Sails (limited supplies).
Styles available include:

Catalina 34 Standard Rig

110% Dacron Furling Jib with suncover    $1,161.00

135% Dacron Furling Genoa with suncover   $1,539.00'

150% Dacron Furling Genoa with suncover   $1,579.00

110% Dacron Hanked on                  $681.00

Battenless Dacron Furling Main         $1,173.00

Vertical Batten Dacron Furling Main      $1,223.00

Catalina 34 Tall rig

110% Dacron Furling Jib with suncover    $1,318.00

150% Dacron Furling Genoa with suncover   $1,539.00

110% Dacron Hanked on                  $900.00

150% Dacron Hanked on                 $980.00

Main with Full Battens, Dacron, Batten incl.   $1200.00

Battenless Dacron Furling Main         $1,277.00

These Catalina sails came from Catalina yachts and are new to our inventory at Masthead Sailing Gear. We have been supplying the sailing community with new and used sails for 30 years.  Masthead houses over 2500 sails, in stock. We have been a Catalina Sport Series Boat Dealer for 20 years.  Please call Paul at 727-327-5361 for assistance or visit our website at or go here to see the Catalina 34 sails you can
search in our sail database

For C34 standard rig genoa use 42 feet for a luff length and 44' for Tall Rigs. Mainsails Standard Rig use 38 for the luff and Tall Rig use 40 feet.