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Author Topic: Transmission and Aft Engine Access Hatch - Seeking Wisdom on Potential Project  (Read 1667 times)

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We added an access door on Hakuna Matata for the HX Zinc.  I was tired of having to be double jointed to get to the zinc.  Now the whole process is 5 minutes.  Find the new zinc, 9/16 wrench, open door, put rags down and remove and replace.  DONE.  Worth the few bucks for the door and time. 
Brian & Pat Yates
Hakuna Matata
2000 MKII #1517
San Diego, CA


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Dave thank you for taking the time to do the write up. I enjoyed the article and have it on a to do list.
Glenn Davis
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1990 Catalina 34 Mk 1.5
Hull 1053
Patapsco River
Chesapeake Bay Maryland


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I put in an access hatch as one of my first projects after I purchased my boat last April.  It has made a huge difference in all the work I have performed on the engine since then:  remove and replace heat exchanger, paint rear of engine, remove exhaust flange, remove and install new exhaust riser, all new engine hoses, and all new wiring.

I found the perfect hatch at Great Lakes Skipper for about $90.  The hatch removes completely, and it is about the maximum size to cut into the panel below the shelf behind the motor: 11" X 23".  Part number is 582-1123-05.

Simple to install. Trace the cutout of the hatch frame.  Use a small hole saw to cut the radius of the corners, and your multi-tool to cut the straight sections.  Rough sand the edges of the cutout with 80 grit.  Drill pilot holes for the frame and screw in place.  The frame is gasketed, so no caulk needed for mounting.

Sorry for no pics.




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Hi Dave
Interesting that your boat has a hard fiberglass enclosure.  Mine is cabinetry, which I have since placed screws with finish washers on the two sides so I can simply unscrew them and pull the whole wood panel off.  Also pictured is the door I cut into the side to access the pencil zinc.  I believe this door was put into a Mainsheet tech article a number of years back.

Hi Roc, Have you been able to get the cabinetry panel that runs port to starboard across the aft end of the engine above the transmission off? It seems like mine is glued in place. I would love to get it off to have more access to remove the heat exchanger. Thanks!
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