Thru hull

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I looked on tech notes for removal and replacement and did find anything
On the internet there are various approaches
Cliff Rieders, c34 tall rig, 1990, hull #1022

Rick Roberts

Since we changed our head to a compost head. We were able to get rid of 2 thru-holes (Thru-hull ?). Here's a video of it:
1988 #804, Bria Mia - Mexico (Formerly known as SV Blackdragon)
Fin keel, standard rig.

Youtube channel:
Latest Video:


93 C34 Mk 1.5 #1258 TR WK M35
Upper Chesapeake

Ron Hill

Cliff : Look at your three thru hulls inside the door under the head sink.  One is for the engine raw water with the screw on filter, one is the head sink drain (follow the hose up to the sink)!!  and the other is for the raw water for head!!   :shock:

A few thoughts
Ron, Apache #788