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Author Topic: I am looking for 1986 Catalina 34 sails ?.....Regular ( It is "NOT" a tall rig )  (Read 1558 times)

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I Have looked at everything out there?........."nothing is a "better Bang for the "BUCK" ! than a Catalina "34" !!.... i went from a 27 then a 30 !....and a Friend said sell your 30...and I will hook you up with my Catalina 34...  ("so I did !").... BUT THEN I pulled up the Main "sail" and there is "SALE TAPE" IN A FEW SPOTS !".........Ahhhhhhh !...... strapped for Cash! it is not in the "budget at this point with CaronaVirus ! and ?.....Election...!!!!...... Im not too picky....?  " but " ( SAIL TAPE? ) THE GUY hooked me up  and said " i have not pulled the sails up in years?... Maybe you can get them fixed?.........."They LOOK LIKE THE ORIGINALS?.... 1986?? ( 35 YEARS )
         SO...... Knowing being a Catalina Owner ! ....THE GREATEST "PERK"... IS THE CATALINA COMPANY !... FRIENDS ALL OVER THE WORLD.....Love Catalina Sailboats..... So maybe someone has sails they are not using? in a Bag stuffed in a Space on their Boat somewhere?.......Just taking up "Space?"........I would be happy with just about "anything that is White and could be cleaned?...maybe someone has a lazy Jack system and a couple sails...... Colored sails they do not like?.....I would be more than happy to work out a something!.....So " calling all Xtra "sails" you have cramed in that huge duffle bag!" ...Im in need of no holes !
sails........any color?.......material?....... ( I just feel the sails are so old .....they are Rotting 35 years is too long ! ) MAYBE SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN LOOK OTHER THAN "MIMI"S) THANK YOU MICHAEL 858-361-4221

Buddy Gold

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I have a Main sail, a 135% and 155% Genoa as well as a symmetrical spinnaker with sock. 

The 135% is a Dabney with a green sun cover and the 155% is a Schurr with a blue sun cover.

The Spinnaker I believe has never been flown..

I think the main is also a Schurr. I do not have the battens for it.   If you PM me your email I will send pictures
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Is the sym spinnaker a cruising spinnaker or do you need to fly it with a pole etc?  I'm on the look out for a down wind drifter cruising kite.
Alex - Seattle, WA
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