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We're considering making a move from Michigan down to Jacksonville, FL, Specifically Fruit Cove in St John's County. Anyone know how the sailing is down there, marinas, etc? Any recommended changes to the boat for going from freshwater to saltwater? Thanks!
Tim Callico
1989 C34 #957
St Johns, FL

Ken Juul

Sailing in that part of the river is great.  Had a C22 there for several years in the 80s.  Area has built up a lot since then and have no current knowledge of the marinas.  Owners of the marina had a 40' cape dory so plenty of water.
Ken & Vicki Juul
Luna Loca #1090
Chesapeake Bay
Past Commodore C34IA


Tim, Green Cove Springs Marina is just across the river from Fruit Cove.It is one of the best Marinas in the area, and allow you to do your own work  on shore.
Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH