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i am replacing my old Isotherm holding plate system which was never very reliable anyway; the condenser is shot. What is the size  in cubic feet of box? Mine is a 1990 boat. what system do people like and find reliable. I would love not to have to replumb the copper lines...and just replace the condenser
Cliff Rieders, c34 tall rig, 1990, hull #1022


I have the same model as you 1053. I want to say 8 or 9 square ft. I believe it is noted in the message board somewhere or tech notes.
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Stu Jackson

Cliff, I recommend doing a search here on "cubic feet" and you'll find some answers.
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Ice box capacity is 3.8 cubic feet according to the C34 owners manual found here on this site.
Actually some good info there worth checking out when you get time.
Here's a link to the page.
If the link doesn't work, just copy/paste it into your browser.

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Ken Juul

Lots of choices for replacements.  If you want to have a "freezer" compartment, highly recommend the Sea Frost.  They custom build to your needs.  Standard plumbing was something like 10'.  I needed 14'.  No extra charge.
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