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it seems the yard bent 90 degrees my mid ship starboard stanchion, in setting my boat.  i can't remember if it's vented or not (and i can't get there until tonight to look).  if it's vented, on hull 99, 1986, what is it vented to?  it's just over the galley.  thanks

Hull #99, c34, 1986, Detroit Yacht Club


if it's the single one directly over the galley, it should be vented and attached to the freshwater tank under the settee.  or at least it is on my '89, not sure if it's the same on newer boats
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well, i blew up the bladder under my aft cabin bed so i guess i don't need that to be vented (but they should fix it anyway!)
Hull #99, c34, 1986, Detroit Yacht Club

Ron Hill

Becky : As I recall the 1986 C34s came with a starboard water tank and a V-berth water tank. I'm not too sure how the vents for those tanks were plumbed, but BOTH had to be vented!!  Just over the galley I'll guess it's vented?

BUT, Suggest that you wait for Stu to see your post and his reply on the 1986 plumbing/vents  :thumb:

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becki, all water tanks need to be vented, even bladders, 'cuz you couldn't fill or use them without a vent.

1986 boats:  as far as I know, the original handful came with V berth tanks, but later 1986 boats removed the V berth thank and put in the starboard settee tank, which is how my boat came.  IIRC, #55, Al Watson's old boat now owned by Dave Commando, may have had the V berth tank.   The starboard tank is vented to the starboard stanchion just outside the forward end of the galley.  Sounds like the one becki's yard bopped for her.  I do not know where the V berth tanks were vented.
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Guys : I'm sure that someone will come on line and confirm, but I'll guess that the Vberth tank in the early C34 was vented into the anchor locker??

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I have 2 water tanks; V berth & starboard side under salon seat.  A water bladder was also installed under the aft berth.  All tanks are vented.  V berth & starboard tank vents are joined together & vented at the starboard stanchion.  Bladder was vented to a fitting in the starboard side aft cockpit.
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I checked my boat last night... my 1986 has two water tanks (v-berth and starboard settee), like Ed's. The vent lines from both tanks are joined and vented through the starboard deck stanchion. No vent to the anchor locker.
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