Observations from first weeklong cruise

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Spent last week on the Chesapeake with 8 other boats. The group had the option of marinas or anchoring every night. I went to a marina every night.

No problem with water usage , although I showered off the boat.
New refer unit worked fine, put a half a block of ice at bottom of chest and that lasted 3 days.
Had enough room for food in the chest for week, we did keep another cooler under nav station for drinks.
AC worked great, mounted in locker near nav, vents in both berths worked fine.
AC noise when running is noticeable in salon. When doors are closed in births they are quiet.
Feature of the AC that I had not realized is that when the temp is acquired and the AC shuts off the fan continues at a low speed which keeps the births from seeming stuffy from the doors being closed. Made a difference.
Sailing in wind less than 5 knots is doable not desirable.
5 to 10 works , but you have to trim/work the sails, I enjoy that.
10 to 15 off to the races.
15 and more , need to reef.
Used the spinnaker that came with the boat for the first time. Had it up for a couple of hours on one tack. I need to work on the sheets and running rigging for the spinnaker. I am cautious when using a spinnaker, sort of figure if something is going to happen it will be with that sail!  Had a wind off less than 10 knots and with just the spinnaker cruised around 5 knots.
Head and holding tank work fine, again being in a marina daily helps.
Oven and stove worked fine.

Glenn Davis
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Spent this past Sunday on the Chesapeake, great weather but wind was light at times.

Glad your trip went well Glenn.
Ed Kutney
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