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Hi all, my "Catalina 34" logos on both sides had mostly broken off and only a few letters remained. My son took pity on me and designed and 3D printed replacements for me for Father's day. I'm sure the same has happened to many of you, so we'd be happy to send them to anyone that needs replacements and likes his design (unless the whole membership wants them!). I think they will fit in an envelope. They are definitely free, but if it arrives and you like them I guess you could paypal him a few dollars if you wanted to encourage him. PM me with your mailing address, or reply in this thread with any comments or suggestions. For those that are interested, he prints with PLA and these are 2-color (black letters on white background). We can just share the STL file if you know how to print or have one at your library.

He also made me a new cover for my ST4000+ autopilot a couple years ago after I had to replace the LCD. Fits great and seems to have held up perfectly in the sun here. Also willing to share those, but it won't fit in an envelope.
"Natterling", #148 1986 mk 1 fin keel std rig, Port Jefferson, NY


Loos great.  PM'd you my info.

Lori & Bryan
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A little small but not bad
"Natterling", #148 1986 mk 1 fin keel std rig, Port Jefferson, NY


I got my pay pal payment returned. Could send a ck.
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Bruce, don't worry about payment, he's excited to help. Enjoy the logos!
"Natterling", #148 1986 mk 1 fin keel std rig, Port Jefferson, NY