Wiind transducer wirung through mast conduit?

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I'm in the process of rewiring the mast and notice the existing cable from the wind transducer was not routed through the conduit.  I will be replacing it.  Should it ideally be routed through the conduit or is there a potential interference issue with the electrical wires?
Lori & Bryan
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Jon W

When I added radar, wind transducer, spreader lights, tri-color, and new antenna cable I added a second conduit run for the instruments. I also added additional rivets to make sure the original conduit was securely fastened to the inside of the mast.
Jon W.
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Stu Jackson

I bought our boat when she was 12 years old.

Horrible mast slap.

Three years later during a standing rigging replacement, I dropped the mast to find out either the VHF antenna wire or the windex was placed outside the conduit!!!  OEM stuff that should have been inside it.  Both are shielded cables.

All wires in the conduit, no interference issues in the last 17 years.

Nothing special on our boat:  windex, anchor and steaming/deck light with VHF.  No radar or second antennas.
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I vote wiring always inside a conduit. Much less chance of fouling with halyards and making noise banging around in mast. I would not worry about electronic interference. Ditto on Jon's adding extra conduit, too.
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Ron Hill

Bryan : There should be no problem in placing the wind instrument wiring inside the PVC conduit.

You might want to inspect the POP rivets that hold that PVC to the mast and replace/add as necessary!!

A thought
Ron, Apache #788