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Main Message Board / Re: do you wiki?
November 25, 2005, 09:36:41 AM
Here 'wiki' means quick...there is a  'wiki wiki' bus even..never have taken it, so quess I  don't wiki
Main Message Board / Re: Question about boat value
November 08, 2005, 12:13:31 PM
On your interesting discussion of C34 value. I sold my C30-1987 and wanted to move up in size. I live in Hawaii and there are only about 10 C34's in all islands. I contacted several to see if they would sell and no way! They all love I did my 'homework' and researched, and read up and talked to intelligent friends...then found a 1987 on line that was owned since new by one very conscience man. I purchased her this Sept. for $56k out of CA. sight unseen. I had a good friend, who knows more than I about boats, look at her and then had a survey done. The surveyed value was $60k (after having the standing rigging replaced, it was 18 years old). As the cost of delivery to Hawaii runs from 6-12k and the average purchase price was 57k for those here, (1986-1989) I considered this a good deal. This all done...the value is still only what someone is willing to pay. As a yacht broker here, I know she will retain or increase her value as there are so few good boats here and I will maintain and upgrade her (though still only called maintenance when it comes to selling). To end the story, she was single-handed from CA to here, by a good friend, in 20 days, with no major problems and is just what I  wanted! As a new owner I appreciate the great C34 site and all the information you have made available. Mahalo.
Susan 1987 C34#331 Allegro