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Main Message Board / Shipping a Boat
« on: April 22, 2021, 10:22:31 AM »
Does anybody here have any experience with shipping a C34? Something may have caught my eye. I would need to have it shipped from Duluth to Milwaukee. That's about 400 miles.

Also does anybody know the overall height of the boat from the bottom of the keel to the top of the cabin.  Thank you

Catalina 34s for Sale / WANTED: Late 1980-Early 1990's C34 Great Lakes
« on: April 19, 2021, 09:59:15 AM »
Prefer something in Lake Michigan since our home port is South Haven, but can make Lake Huron or maybe even Lake St. Clair work.


Main Message Board / Re: Test Sail
« on: April 14, 2021, 05:16:30 PM »
Thanks to everyone. I appreciate the welcome and the feedback on engines, platforms and C34 ownership.

We are pretty much sold on getting a C34. It really fits the bill on our desires. The only particular reason for the walk through is so any future grandchildren can swim off the stern. Those are fictional grandchildren, likely 10 or more years away. I suppose we could have a SS and teak platform made and hung.

Strangely enough I stumbled on a boat that hasn't been listed on the major boat listing just the local craigslist. (shhhhh!)

Its about four hours away from us.  Is there a list of 5-10 questions to be asked on the phone or email before one drives to look at the boat you would recommend asking?

Main Message Board / Re: Test Sail
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:11:29 AM »
Solace Crew,

If you're moving up from a smaller Catalina don't worry you'll feel right at home, except everything is BIGGER! That's a good thing. I'd love to take you out for a sail, unfortunately I'm in SoCal.

I can give a bit of advice though, if you want the Mk 1.5, get the Mk 1.5, it may take a little more time to find and cost a bit more money but you'll never be sorry. Get the boat you want! I have a Mk 1 and love it, if you get one you will too, but there will always be a pang of regret, however small, if you settle for your second choice.

Thanks for the response and the suggestion. The MK 1.5 seems hard to find. I missed one here in MI by 2 weeks. Though it sold for under $30K which makes it suspect in my mind.

The thing is we aren't moving up from a Catalina. Our current boat is a Finch designed Spirit 28.

We'd like to spend a little more time on a C34 other than a quick peek in the cabin someone let us have a while ago. I want to see how well the lines lay out work under sail. Deck layout. Sailing character and how they maneuver under power. etc.

After about 30 years away from sailing we bought our current boat with about 30 minutes consideration (classic right?). I'd like to do a little more due diligence this time.

Main Message Board / Test Sail
« on: April 14, 2021, 06:38:01 AM »

New to the forum, so please bear with me.

We are considering moving up to a C34.  Most likely a MK 1, though we'd love a MK 1.5.  The primary factor is having two completely private berths so that we can have friends and family cruise with us for long weekends.

We've never sailed a C34.

I'm wondering if someone is up for taking us out for a test sail.  We live in SE Michigan, but keep our boat in South Haven Michigan so a trip to the west side of the state would be easy.

Dinner and drinks would be on us.

I hate that we are in a world that it needs to be mentioned but we have received our Covid vaccinations.

Thanks for your consideration.


The crew of s/v Solace

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