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Main Message Board / Maxwell windlass
« on: March 28, 2004, 09:09:18 PM »
Somewhere in the foggy past I saw instructions for sorting out if there is enough oil in the Maxwell windlass motor. However, viewing the oil through the viewing glass depends on the windlass being mounted vertically instead of horizontally I believe. Does anyone know how to confirm adequate oil levels with the windlass mounted horizontally as it is in the Mark II?
 John Langford

Main Message Board / Engine controls/steering wires
« on: February 15, 2004, 01:38:12 PM »
I was looking up inside my Edson pedestal from the aft cabin (searching for an alternate route to the pedestal for a large JRC 1500 radar radome wire)and I noticed that the two red engine control cables were being rubbed by the s.s. wires connecting the steering chain to the quadrant on the rudder shaft. I am concerned that over time the steering wires will cut into the cables or vice versa and cause a failure in one system or the other.
 I tried freeing up the engine control cables and moving them into different positions from below but they are very stiff and won't cooperate. I am contemplating unbolting the black pedestal base plate and effecting some more permanent form of separation but that would probably be very complex and could lead to unintended consequences.  
 I searched the site and can't find any reference to this dilemma. Has anyone ever had this problem and come up with an effective solution?
 John Langford

Main Message Board / Opening emergency tiller deck plate
« on: March 07, 2004, 02:32:18 PM »
I have the chromed bronze deck plate on the cockpit sole over the head of the rudder post. The previous owner didn't leave a deck plate wrench that fits this rather large deck plate. Is there an alternative way to open it without purchasing the wrench I see on p.546 of the 2004 West Marine catalogue?

Main Message Board / Danforth doesn't fit
« on: January 10, 2004, 11:32:21 PM »
I tried to put a 22 lb. standard Danforth into the slots in the anchor locker only to find that I couldn't close the anchor locker lid when it was in place. Am I missing something? Isn't this the anchor that is supposed to work in this space?

Main Message Board / Granicoat colour
« on: January 05, 2004, 12:58:52 PM »
Does anyone know which precise shade/colour of Granicoat is used on the MkII galley counter? Has anyone ever ordered a small tin for repairs?Any information about a convenient supplier would be welcome.
 The Granicoat site is:

Main Message Board / Thanks for all the help
« on: December 29, 2003, 11:56:00 AM »
Kate and I took possession of "Calypso", a 1999 Mark II (sail #1431)last week and moved her to our slip at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, right next door to "Island Rose" a Mark I. We are in the throws of making her "ours" and having a fun time solving the stowage problems in sunny but very cool winter weather.
 A couple of small glitches have been sorted out. A significant chain plate leak was fixed with a rebedding. During manufacture or commissioning a misplaced hole was drilled for the cover plate and never properly filled. I am thinking of doing a more thorough epoxy job on it when the weather improves.
 Also, the autopilot was binding slightly. This turned out to be caused by the use of a soft metal snap ring on the Edson wheel shaft which had come out of its channel and was allowing the wheel to creep forward and put pressure on the aft side of the ST4000 doughnut. I notice that even with the proper ss snap ring and washer installed, the leather bound wheel still is being rubbed by the cockpit locker cover when it is being opened or closed. Any obcervations on that situation would be welcome.
 We also  have done a Message Board search on the availability of ready-made bedding for the giant forepeak berth. A couple of references to Topgallant sheets but I didn't notice the name of any other providers. Suggestions on this would also be welcome. That is one big bunk!
 Just sent off our association dues and looking forward to being part of the C34 mob. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who responded to my questions while we were buying "Calypso". It was all very helpful.
 Best wishes for 2004
 John Langford

Main Message Board / Heart "in-charge" regulator acting up
« on: December 15, 2003, 10:07:49 PM »
One final issue from the survey I have just completed on the 1999 C-34 "Calypso" on which members might have advice.
 The Heart "in-charge" three stage regulator seems to be charging in an irregular manner, with the voltage and tach needles oscillating up and down and the red charging light on the regulator glowing brighter and then less bright. The cycle of this activity is faster at higher rpms and slower at lower rpms. Also, the belt seems to wiggle around more when the irregularity is most pronounced. I can turn the fan on the alternator by hand (it is a Gates 1015 and seems loose), but the alternator adjustment arm has reached the end of its throw and the belt can't be tightened.
 Has anyone ever seen this phenomenon? It is happening on an M-35 with a Leece-Neville alternator. I have searched the archives and the Q&As but I haven't found this particular situation described. I would be delighted if it was a belt problem rather than brain in the regulator. Any thoughts?
 John Langford
 almost owner of Calypso

Main Message Board / exhaust elbow
« on: December 14, 2003, 06:42:25 PM »
Just finished the surveys on Calypso, the C34 that Kate and I are buying. The only significant problem was leaking at the nipple where the exhaust gases enter the exhaust elbow. Is this unusual on an M35 with 625 hours? The engine guy is going to cut off the offending section and replace it for what seems a reasonable amount (about $160).
 John Langford

Main Message Board / Engine smoke
« on: November 23, 2003, 04:39:39 PM »
We just had a very successful sea trial of the 1999 C34 that we are trading up to. It sailed smoothly and quickly in 16 knots of wind. But I have one question.
 Should there be any smoke coming out of the Universal M35 exhaust at about 2500 rpm? The weather was cold (about 7 degrees celsius) and the air was damp. There was a curl of white/grey smoke which soon dissipated but it looke like more than condensation. The only other relevant information is that the motor is driving an autoprop, it only has 625 hours on it and it looks well maintained.
 I'd be grateful for any feedback. The Perkins on my C320 has never shown even a whisp of smoke.
 John Langford
 Victoria, B.C.

Main Message Board / Trading up to a C34
« on: November 03, 2003, 11:10:14 PM »
Hi Folks,
 I have just agreed to trade my 1994 C320 and some cash for a 1999 C34 and I am trying to talk myself into believing that I have made the right choice.
 There are features about the 34 that we really like. Replacing the aft cabin with the big bright V-berth is a huge plus for my slightly claustrophobic wife, but is it big enough for a 6'4" guy and a 5' 9" girl? Is the size of the head compartment a problem; it's definitely smaller than the 320 head. The deep more traditional bilge on the 34 will be heaven after the shallow wet bilge on the 320. The smaller reefer is actually a plus for someone who wants to keep electrical draw down. But the cockpit lockers are just plain smaller. Where do you store a small outboard when you can't keep it on the rail?
 The biggest issue is sailing performance. I haven't had my test sail yet. The PHRF ratings are comparable, but does the 34 go to weather as well as the 320. We don't race but I couldn't stand falling behind the guys I now cruise competitively with. I need to look at a polar diagram, I guess. Is the boat more sea kindly than the flat bottomed 320?
 Finally, I love the Perkins M30 and don't know the Universal M35. Is it a totally reliable engine. Are there access problems I am not aware of? The access on the 320 is amazing.
 I would appreciate any thoughts that owners might have on these issues or others I haven't thought of. If things go well I will be making the switch before December 1.
 John Langford

Main Message Board / Fuel filter change
« on: June 08, 2004, 09:36:33 AM »
Hi Brian,
 In your recent post on changing the on-engine fuel filter on your M35B you indicated that you first turned on the pump by turning the key to on (I assume that means turning the key as far as it will go and holding that correct?) and then actually running the engine for a minute before closing the bleed knob. Is the latter necessary to completely purge the air or could you get the fuel to run cleanly without it?
 Thanks for the clarification but I get confused about what procedures apply to a M35B as opposed to a M25.
 John Langford
 Calypso #1431

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