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Main Message Board / Re: Replacement fuel pump for M25XP
December 02, 2023, 11:25:47 AM
The Facet models on my list will work but are not the ONLY ones.

The demands of our engines are very forgiving as to the fuel pump and many many Facets Gold series will work - many are 32 gph which is way overkill but doesn't matter. Min 4-5 psi is fine.
Main Message Board / Re: Motor mounts
December 01, 2023, 02:38:53 PM
I just asked a C30 owner who replaced his and he said he "torqued them by feel" as he also had no specs to go by.

See also this post,11430.msg92576.html#msg92576
Main Message Board / Re: Motor mounts
December 01, 2023, 10:38:29 AM
Phil the tranny repair manual is here

Thats the only manual i have. It has some torque specs but i don't see everything you're looking for- but I'd think using the listed general torque values (for bolt size/grade) would work. Use locktite as well.

Do you have the number on your plate? Perhaps that's the problem some have run across - maybe a change in p/n over a production cycle?
Main Message Board / Re: air intake silencer
December 01, 2023, 08:19:54 AM

Not sure what the cause of the confusion is.  Here's a pic of another m25xp with the same air intake:


I meant OD!! of the VW filter. Mea culpa.

Are you saying that the two parts in this pic fit together?  They sure dont look like it but could be just the angle of the pic. 

In essence you don't need the "horn" -  put a foam silencer wrap on it that fits the ID OD of your VW filter and you're good to go.  If you cant find one its easy to make it.  I believe that Ron or someone had described how somewhere on the forum.
This is the replacement for the old take-apart check valve.
Main Message Board / Re: air intake silencer
November 30, 2023, 08:37:47 PM
Quote from: Ron Hill on November 30, 2023, 03:13:17 PM
Guys : I believe that Pete has an M25XP engine - which first started with the 1987 C34 production!!

A thought

From Pete's picture it's an XP not an m-25.  I missed the telltale and it was right in my face <embarrassed>.

[It's also an early XP because it has the horizontal Hx bracket and the m-25 style bell housing.  Later XPs have a completely different bell housing.]
Main Message Board / Re: air intake silencer
November 28, 2023, 07:25:59 PM

Now you've got me completely cornfuzed.  I thought you intended to try and salvage the "horn" housing.  As I explained (first post) you have parts of two different assemblies there.  If you're going to use the coffee can then, sure, you can put a hose barb on it — or use the KN hose nipple addspter, or a barb on the manifold.

I suggest that you add the foam silencer/prefilter if you use the coffee can.

The vw one looks odd in that you'd need to route the hose dpwn to the bottom. If you're buying a new assembly (no need to) why not get a KN?

Personally I like the hole/rubber grommet/hose barb elbow
Main Message Board / Re: air intake silencer
November 27, 2023, 07:05:47 PM

Yep, I missed Pete's callout on his model but 25 or xp is irrelevant.

He's not changing to the KN, so that method w/ the add on hose nipple doesn't apply here. 
And that add-on nipple can't be used on his assembly.

He doesn't have the coffee can, so, strictly speaking, the method(s) in my pdf don't apply. 

Pete has the "horn" type assembly which, as I said can be done, but is in my mind more difficult when (just like example I provided) Kubota runs it right to the manifold and he's removing the manifold anyway.

My comments about the "B" engines (admittedly not clearly made) was that running the breather into a manifold barb is how Kubota does it on some of its current engines — so it's not an off-the-wall idea.   I believe Kb is doing it where the application requires capturing the gunk rather than dumping it to open air (dunno, but it might be due to emissions restrictions as well.)
My point was simply that "good enough for the Kb factory" is good enuf for our older engines and it's easy to do - at least as easy and I'd argue easier than the other methods and can be done with the manifold on the engine.   Drill; tap; screw in a barb; voila' easy peazy.

The info about the "Bs" was also in there to alert those owners who may read this that there is already a knockout provided for their breather hose (vs Wb's stupid cut-off, zip-tied-in-place method.)

I suppose with Pete's type I'd think about a barb right into the side or top of the horn if that's the approach. 

Different ways to skin a "Cat" and the same statement could apply - "absolutely no reason to drill and
cobb fittings onto the intake assembly" (vs a tapped hole in another location.)
Main Message Board / Re: air intake silencer
November 27, 2023, 12:46:54 PM
Except that on his xp? he is not using those coffee can or KN assemblies, so those alternate methods (though not impossible) are a tad more persnickety to install (and he said that he'd have the manifold off anyway, although the hose barb can be stalled in situ.)

Direct to the manifold is how it is on some, not all, of the current Kb tractor engines.  Wb just did not spec for Kb to supply that manifold with the hose nipple on it for the breather hose. However, the "B" manifolds DO have the knockout for it.
Main Message Board / Re: Motor mounts
November 27, 2023, 10:58:40 AM

If you have it could you post the part number (supplier?) of the non-CD plate?
There seems to be some nightmare over which fits the m-25/m-25xp and others have found that the CD one has the correct diameter and others (including Sachs) listed as OEM for our tranny are too large.

Observing while running her should confirm an exhaust leak or a diaper underneath confirm a coolant leak past the gasket.

It's one of the best condition exhaust flange/exhaust manifold I've seen pictures of so IIWMB I'd not suspect anything improper from simply that visual. See the gasket below.

If you're referring to the slight area of rust right at the edge of the exhaust manifold I'd think it is just that, rust working underneath the paint at the edge between painted/unpainted (machined) face of the manifold.  Again i don't believe that visual is sufficient to ID a leak.  No more than the few rust spots elsewhere indicate a pinhole in the manifold.

Note that under most, if not all, of the older engines' Universal copper-bronze paint is Kubota factory green.
Main Message Board / Re: When Ignorance ISN'T Bliss
November 24, 2023, 08:41:58 PM

How long is the tang on the Sherwood and what's the distance from its end to the mounting face of the pump?
Quote from: glenndesmo on November 19, 2023, 09:14:03 PM

what replacement hoses did you use for the reduced diameter of the thermostat housing?

I don't see these on any part diagrams with Universal or Catalina Direct.

Why not list your engine in the sidebar signature when asking engine questions?

See the techwiki ENGINE > COOLING (3rd item on the list.)

The reduced heater hoses are not installed by Universal — they were a factory mod by replacing the OEM thermostat bypass hose on the engine as it was supplied by Universal.
Quote from: KeelsonGraham on November 20, 2023, 10:00:14 AM
I'd love to know what the internal diameter of that hose was.

Mine were 1-5/8" hose and a bear to get on.
They are under no pressure so a slightly loose dry fit is no issue.  As well, grinding off hose barbs (if there are ones on the fittings) is no issue and makes it go easier.
Main Message Board / Re: Motor mounts
November 24, 2023, 06:13:12 PM
Quote from: Phil Spicer on November 24, 2023, 02:35:58 PM
Our motor is sitting in the galley so I could pull the transmission. I plan to put in new motor mounts and wondered why some have changed to vetus . Also some used 50's , some used 75's and some have mixed them. If using 50's and 75's, which were put in front and back and why? I' m looking for information so I can make a good decision.

Why not put your boat and engine info into the sidebar signature to help us help you?

Why Vetus isolators?  Cus they are a better product than the original DF isolators at not much cost difference.