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Main Message Board / Chartplotters
« on: June 14, 2005, 02:38:54 PM »
OK, I've spent all winter teaching navigation classes using GPS and chartplotters.  Maybe before I take my week cruise in August it is time to upgrade my aging Magellan GPS 310 and get something from this century.  I let my Practical Sailor subscription expire, so I can't go there for reviews.   I'm looking for advice.  

I've talked to friends and found many have and like their Garmin 182C's.  Several said they tried to save a buck and get monochrome display units only to upgrade it to color within a year or two.  Apparently visibility was much better with the color.  I don't want a hand-held chartplotter as they look to small to be useful.  I have a laptop so I could use a GPS interfaced to a PC, but I'm not sure I want a PC on my boat.  I'm leaning towards a dedicated chartplotter at the helm, hard wire it and call it a day.  My budget is $1,000 but less is always better.  Low current draw would be nice too.

So, any advice out there?  I didn't see a bunch when I did the search.  Sorry if I missed any threads.  Thanks.

Main Message Board / Oil oops
« on: April 11, 2005, 11:13:01 AM »
I did the oil change on Saturday.  I went for the straight 30 weight oil in the store, but when I went to pour it in, I noticed it was straight 40 weight.  It was Chevron Delo 400 oil, SAE 40 non-synthetic, and after doing a quick check to make sure it was diesel grade (CF) I put it in anyway.  I only run in the summer and I only log about 100 hours a year, so I was hoping the thicker 40 would be OK.  Now I'm doing my research to see if I would need to change it again.  Nothing on this board on straight 40 oil in a Universal M35B, not a whole bunch on the web overall.

Any opinions?

While I'm here (and I haven't done a search on this yet), where do I drain the coolant from the FWC system?  I've only topped if off since I bought the boat three years ago and I figure it is time to change it.

Main Message Board / Quickie Winterizing
« on: November 09, 2004, 02:18:09 PM »
I'm looking to speed up the winterizing process.  I seems to me that if I add Y-valves or T-valves inline on the engine, A/C, and head through-hulls I could suck the antifreeze into the system without wrestling those hoses on and off.  I couldn't find anything like this in the search.  Has anybody tried it?  Any recommendations on valves?

Main Message Board / Lightening Strike Photo
« on: August 13, 2004, 10:05:40 AM »
I just noticed this on the, picture #15 under the "Charley"  slide show.  It looks like a Hunter sailboat taking a direct lightening strike and the bolt traveling down the furler.  The image quality is low, so maybe it is an illusion.  This is the description provided:
"AP photo. Wed., Aug. 11: Lightning strikes over the Halifax Harbor Marina during a late afternoon thunderstorm in Daytona Beach, Fla. "

Take a look.  Here is a link direct to the photo that I copied to my web site:

Can anybody enlarge and enhance that for a better look?

Main Message Board / Dipstick question (oil, not person!)
« on: August 13, 2004, 09:46:47 AM »
I've always been trained that to check the oil level, you pull the dipstick (ignore the reading on that first pull), wipe it, insert and remove it again for an accurate reading.  After years of working on cars old and new, I've always seen the first (inaccurate pull) has oil all over the dipstick (a high or fuller reading).  The second pull after wiping is lower and accurate.

On my C34mkII M35B, the variation is reversed.  The first pull always shows the oil level LOW.  The second pull after wiping shows it higher (FULL). The first time this happened after an oil change I was concerned since the engine drained and took ~4 quarts instead of 5 per the manual.  Well, I see that question was answered in a previous post (the manual is wrong, the capacity is 4 quarts).  I also have made sure the dipstick was all the way inserted before each pull (even the first one).  If I do it a third time or more, it always matches the second one.  This happens every time I check the engine.  The engine is usually cold when I check it.

Does anybody else get similar readings?  It's not a big deal, I use the second pull to gauge oil levels.  It's just a curiosity that it would be great to get an explanation on.  Throw in a lot of words like multi-viscosity, adhesion, and fitzer valve and I'll believe you.

Main Message Board / Aft Cabin Door Modifications
« on: June 17, 2004, 09:24:52 AM »
The aft cabin entrance in the galley was my only concern with the C34 design when I purchased the boat a couple years ago.  I asked and most said it wasn't an issue, but it turns out to be as much of a pain as I thought.  I have three kids and that is their "room".  Kids never stay still.  Therefore, when we're in the galley the door is constantly opening and closing.  The traffic alone would be OK if I didn't get the door in my back so often.  That and you have to close them in when using the stove.  So here's the question:  
 Has anybody modified or removed their aft-cabin door?    
 I've thought about removing the door and putting in a curtain, but it seems a little cheesy.  If anybody's done this though, I would be interested in pictures.  I had a folding (pleated?) door and my C27 and that was kind of ill-fitting and ugly looking as well.  I thought about slicing the door in half vertically and installing a hinge, but that I would need a way to lock the hinge open for the door latch to work properly.  I also thought of moving the hinge to the other side and having it swing into the aft cabin, but there's not enough space for the top to swing in unless I again slice it in half.  The slicing would work with hook latches like the forward cabin, but it could only be opened from the side it was hooked.
 Any other ideas here or feedback on modifications folks have done?

Main Message Board / Hot water heater test
« on: March 29, 2004, 07:21:08 AM »
After de-winterizing this weekend, I noticed my fresh water pump cycling every 5 minutes with no spigots running.  After checking all the fresh water lines and checking clamps, I noticed drips from the bottom of the hot water heater right next to the batteries (MKII).  I removed the fresh water lines and connected the feed and return engine coolant lines together for a bypass, then removed the water heater.
 The water heater is now in my basement and I have removed the cover and dried it out.  The tank itself looks to be in good condition, aluminum with no signs of corrosion.  I think it might be one of the fittings, but it only leaked under pressure.  Does anybody know of a good way to do a pressurized bench test of the hot water heater?  I was thinking of plumbing the fresh weater supply and return to a T fitting and with the last opening being a hookup to my garden hose.  I assume my home water pressure would closely mimic what the 12v freshwater pump is producing.  There is also a pressure relief valve and a drain valve, but plumbing a T to supply and return seemed easier.  Any other ideas?

Main Message Board / Dutchman Parts
« on: April 12, 2004, 07:29:17 AM »
Where can I get Dutchman mainsail handling system parts?  I need to replace that continuous line and might as well replace the nylon filament while I'm at it.  I haven't found any sources here or on the web.

Main Message Board / Walk through transom on C34 Mk I
« on: October 21, 2002, 08:29:13 AM »
Does anybody know what hull number they started walk-through transoms in 1989 or 1990 C34's?  Whas it an option for a couple years or a straight production change?
 Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks.

Main Message Board / Winter Tarp Size for Cockpit Only on MKII
« on: December 04, 2003, 07:35:34 AM »
On previous boats, I liked to cover the cockpit in the winter with a canvas tarp.  I don't like the complication of a full length boat cover though.  This is just something to keep the leaves and snow out of the cockpit with a minimum hassle.  I have found a source for decent canvas tarps but I need to figure out what size to get.  My general idea on past boats is to cover the cockpit and the main hatchway, stopping at the traveler.  I also like to hang it lower than the boom on a 2x4 so it doesn't act as a sail in high winds.  Then I hang gallon jugs at the sides to keep it tight while allowing some give and take through wind, snow, etc.  Looks ugly, works good.  
 So the question is, how long a tarp, how wide, and where can I lay the 2x4 without hitting the wheel pedestal?  The cockpit is approximately 8' long, so I am guessing a 10-12' long tarp. The beam is 11'6" at the widest point, so the cockpit is an estimated 8-10' wide? Allowing for a vertical rise at the peak, I am thinking a 10x12 tarp?  Sound right?  How do I frame the tent over the pedestal?  If anybody has an idea for this simple type of cover, I'm open to suggestions.  
 Brian Reed
 1997 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

Main Message Board / Zinc in cooling system
« on: April 02, 2003, 12:54:00 PM »
The previous owner of my boat said I should check the zinc in the heat exchanger of the engine cooling system.  I found only one partial reference to this zinc searching the forum but no details.  I haven't found it in my manual yet either.  Can anybody shed a little more light on this for me?
 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

Main Message Board / Izzy on the Chesapeake
« on: September 30, 2003, 06:02:42 AM »
A friend forwarded this page to me.  It looks like Herrington Harbor North on Herring Bay south of Annapolis.  This is actually about 30 miles north of where I keep my boat in Solomons.  When the water rises over the breakwater and land at Herrington North, this is pretty exposed to the Bay.  I think one of our own forum members had a C34 weather the storm OK in the water at this marina.  Actually, if I remember right he was out of town and she had to prep the boat.  It might be a C34MKII in the foreground of the mast-top shot.  
 Anyway, in all its gruesome detail, here it is:
 Brian Reed
 1997 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

Main Message Board / Cabin Fan Recommendations?
« on: September 10, 2003, 07:49:40 AM »
I need to install two or three small cabin fans in my MKII.  I especially need one in the aft cabin and one in the galley.  What models do you all use and/or recommend.  I am looking for a combination of quiet, low power consumption, and effectiveness.  I think a two speed would give me more options for quiet and power usage.  I see Hella's, Camfro's, and the basic RV style oscillating fan in most of the boat stores.  
 Any opinions?
 Brian Reed
 1997 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

Main Message Board / Fleet 12 contact?
« on: July 21, 2003, 12:07:27 PM »
I seem to have misplaced my Fleet 12 newsletter with contact information in it.  Does anybody have a phone number or e-mail for Hank & Susan Recla?  I think they are the raft captains for this weekends rendezvous in Mill Creek.  If so, please send it to me at so I can RSVP.
 Brian Reed
 1997 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

Main Message Board / Knot Meter Problems
« on: July 01, 2003, 02:39:38 PM »
I just installed my Autohelm brand knot meter transducer for the first time this year.  I had it completely cleaned off and spinning free.  I them immediately used the boat for a straight week and found it to work only 25-50% of the time.  At first it read very high (7 knots when we were doing 4), then I found the calibration was set to 2.5x.  I reset the calibration to about 1.3 and then it died again (reads 0.0).  Each day it worked some part of the time, usually more at lower speeds than higher speeds.  Sometimes it worked in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.  The through-hull seems to have a single notch, so I can't believe that I have it installed at the wrong angle or backwards.  The sea tempurature always reads OK, so at least some part of it works all the time.  The transducer is in the port bow, about 6 inches up from the centerline and opposite the depth finder.  It looks like a standard factory or original comissioning installation.
 What part do you think I should troubleshoot first?  Any help is appreciated.
 Brian Reed
 1997 C34 mkII "Ambitious"
 Solomons, MD

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