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Main Message Board / Companion Way Doors
« on: March 07, 2008, 06:54:22 AM »
I am about to order new zacor doors to replace the teak boards in the companion way. Does anybody have these? Can any one offer a comment?

Mark Wey C-36

Main Message Board / fresh water system winterizing
« on: October 08, 2006, 04:15:24 AM »
That time of year again. I searched the board but could not find exactly what I was looking for.

Here's the question. For many years I have circulated plumbing antifreeze in the water system to winterize. This did work but the taste and flushing in the spring is getting tiring. I talked to a buddy with another model and he just drains the lines. I imagine this would work for the Mk1.

Has anybody done this? Where do you think the lowest part of the system is? How do you manage to get all of the water out of the pump?



Main Message Board / Fresh Water Inline Strainer
« on: May 30, 2006, 01:37:01 PM »
I am an hour away from the boat and have to ask if any of you can tell me what brand of pump is used for the fresh water on a 1990 version of the C-34. I searched but no luck. The in line strainer has broken and I thought I could repair it. But now I have found a source and fixing it no longer makes sense. The filter is specific to the pump. But I am not sure of the pump manufacturer. I think Flo-jet but I am not sure.

Many thanks,


1990 C-34 #1063

Main Message Board / Genoa Foot Blocks
« on: July 27, 2004, 04:48:13 PM »
Sun, age and use have deteriorated both of the Genoa foot blocks shattering them (on the same day) and rendered them useless. They were the old vinyl plastic design. I have purchased new guts from Garhauer and am ready to install them. I managed to get at the nuts at the back end of the port block by removing the engine control panel. The starboard side is a different story however. I see no access directly on the side or below in the aft cabin. There is a beckson port below, however I cannot decide if it is there for winch access or the foot block. Regardless it is not in a beneficial position and when I removed the cover I found that there was a good layer of foam sprayed inside.
 I did a search and found nothing that answered my questions. Has any done this and how did you gain access?  Any help please??

Main Message Board / Mk I/MkII Aft Cabin Size
« on: March 07, 2004, 05:44:58 AM »
I am looking to replace the aft cabin cushions with a decent mattress. My long term plan is to move up in boat years from a 1990 model to a much newer model C-34 and I want to bring the mattress along. (Should be my last sailboat) I am pretty sure the Mk2  hull is wider aft. I don't think there is that much of a difference but thought I would ask the question. How much of a difference in the aft cabin size is there between a MkI to a Mk2? Is it enough to worry about as far as the size of the mattress is concerned?

Main Message Board / Ron Hill : Engine Part Numbers/Cross-Referenced
« on: February 13, 2004, 08:09:08 PM »
Att: Ron Hill
 Ron, I am aware that you have the Universal XP25 engine on your C-34. You also have taken the time and initiative to obtain the cross referenced, (comparable) part numbers from  Kubota. i.e. oil and fuel filters etc. Is there some means of getting a more detailed/complete set of comparable part #’s for an entire engine. Or any part there of.  Regardless, whether it is an XP25  an M-35, or what ever. A list that we (the C34IA membership) could draw upon to cross-reference any or all of the relevant parts. Also, to be assured that it is an OEM part and not an offshore component of inferior quality? I have approached various Kubota Tractor dealers and find their reaction is much less than interested. In other words, relevant parts number would go a long way.
 P.S. I did a search. Alas, I found no definitive answer. One that all can interrupt and exploit the relevant information regarding various engines, spread across twenty plus years of C-34  production.
 Your expertise and generosity is appreciated!
 Mark Wey

Main Message Board / Salon Table Modification
« on: February 03, 2004, 08:34:41 AM »
Question: I would  like to renew the salon table. Something like has been done by others on this sight. However I would like to take the existing table top and add on a veneer finish. Has anyone done this type of thing. I think if I rough up the existing finish and apply the new one with Contact Cement it should work. Any comments. Lastly, can any one that has their boat near them give me an approximate size of the original table.(full size). I will cut it down but the veneer comes in 2ft wide rolls. I am pretty sure it is wide enough but confirmation would be appreciated.

Main Message Board / Soda Blasting Bottom
« on: August 26, 2003, 05:44:26 PM »
The bottom paint that the previous owner has chosen has now come back to haunt me. Bottom Kote XXX is the brand that I must now remove. Not sure how many coats are applied, but way to many to sand off. I have heard of a process (like sandblasting) using soda bicarb in place of sand. Has any one heard of this or had experience with it?
 By the way the replacement bottom treatment will be VC Tar followed by VC-17. This is a fresh water boat and I used this stuff on my C-30 with great results.

Main Message Board / Salon Table
« on: August 12, 2003, 01:39:42 PM »
My salon table has seen better days. Two issues.
 1) The jam screw knob that is used to hold the table in position has come apart (3 pieces) inside where the white metal tab jams against the inner tube of the telescopic design. I have fashioned a number of different replacements. None acceptable. By the way this knob screw is a fine thread.
 2) The fastening of the pedestal post on to the bottom of the table has come loose. (poor design) Again all attempts to fashion something to grip or squeeze the post together have failed.
 Has anyone else encountered this? If so is there a fix or should I just order parts from Catalina or there supplier?
 Yes Stu I did an exhaustive site search and I believe I have an unique issue to deal with!

Main Message Board / Painting Mast, Boom, Spreaders
« on: February 13, 2003, 01:09:41 PM »
My 1990 version rig is showing it's age. In some spots I have some major corrosion problems. By that I mean moisture under the paint that is now bubling up and scaling off.  I would like to sand it down to the bare metal in the bad spots. Then prime and paint. Is there one kind of primer and paint that is better than others? Do I have to remove all of the old paint or just clean up the bad areas and rough up the rest, then prime and paint the works? I can do the boom and spreaders now in the winter in my basement and by the time spring comes around I should have the experience to tackle the mast. Is there any thing I have missed? I tried to email Catalina to get their opinion but the email link from this page would not work.
 Thanks all.

Main Message Board / Bilge Pump Blues
« on: June 10, 2003, 02:11:35 PM »
I  searched the board, could not find this one. My bilge pump is driving me nuts. Not having had the boat very long,  this being my first season, I wondered why the bilge pump had to cycle twice before it stopped. Oh well, new boat-new idiosyncrasies. Now, it will cycle up to ten times before it satisfies itself that it has removed the maximum amount of water. It appears that all of the water is not exciting from the discharge hose and therefore running back in to the bilge. I watched it cycle and I think it is fooling itself. As the water comes back to the bilge the pump senses the back flow and starts the cycle again. The drain hole from the front bilge compartment to the rear bilge compartment doesn’t help either. The water doesn’t all drain out of the front compartment  before the float switch cycles off (to the bottom position). It keeps draining through the hole. This combined with the returning water from the drain hose seems to work against the float switch. It appears as if the rush of water simulates a rising water level.
 There is not a lot of water in the bilge. Even after it has satisfied itself that the bilge is empty. I can initiate the whole procedure over again just by starting the pump manually and then switching it to auto.  Of course I think there is a loop in the hose with a siphon valve at the top. I repeat I think. I am not at the boat right now and forgot to look last weekend. To many other jobs on the go.
 Here’s the questions.
 1) What would make the cycling action repetition get progressively worse?  
 2) If there is a check valve in the system where would I look for it?
 3) If there is no check valve, is there a problem with putting one in?
 Thanks all.

Main Message Board / Hot Water Heater
« on: May 12, 2003, 01:07:33 PM »
The cheap plastic push button switch/breaker for the AC hotwater heater is broken inside the switch itself. It pulls right out. Short of the main AC switch there is no way to turn it off!  I realize I have to replace it and the other identical switch used for accessories. How ever I have just recently bought the boat and this project is further down the list. I just wondered if there was a quick and easy way of activating the switch manually in the mean time.
 Ps I plan to replace it with a new gang of switches that act as breakers as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Do I have enough wire to work with behind the panel?
 Mark Wey

Main Message Board / Winter Store Mast Up
« on: February 05, 2003, 05:14:07 PM »
This new to me boat(keel stepped) and has never been winter stored with the mast stepped. I do however want to consider storing it up. My last boat was a c-30 (deck stepped) and I had no problems in 12 years. I did pull it every five years for a through inspection etc. What I did do however was to drill a hole in the lowest part of the bilge. Then glass in (not epoxy in) a brass coupling to fit a 3/8 npt pipe plug which I simply removed in the winter. Keep in mind that I made sure that the entire drain hole had an epoxy coating on it by plugging the bottom (on the outside) with tape. Then filling the hole with epoxy ensuring  that all sides of the hole were saturated with epoxy. I then simply removed the tape from the bottom of the hole while the epoxy was still liquid and let the excess drain into a container. It worked perfectly, and drained the bilge of all the unwanted water on a yearly basis. No more freeze-thaw cycle. It also allowed for a real good bilge scrubbing on an annual basis.  I searched this site for anything similar but could not find it. Has anyone done this on a c-34? Which compartment is the lowest in the bilge. Any thing else to consider? Thanks in advance!!

Main Message Board / VHF Radio
« on: December 26, 2002, 12:35:38 PM »
Hello and Merry Christmas from the great white North (Canada).
 I am going to purchase a new VHF radio for my C-34. Which I have just purchased last October and which I haven't even sailed yet. (It's going to be a long winter) I am considering the option of a RAM Mic in the cockpit at the helm station. Has any one had practical experience on this, and could they offer some advice as to your experience? A review, Make and Model would be welcome. I saw in the Tech Notes the radio that Ron Hill has installed on Apache. (What a great name for a boat). However, with the hand held VHF I think I would prefer to go with the RAM. Any advice would be welcome.
 Mark Wey

Main Message Board / Adler Barber Ventilation
« on: November 26, 2002, 07:26:47 AM »
I checked out the FAQ on this web site and could not find what I am looking for. Can you help me? The cooling unit for the fridge is located in the aft stbd locker beside the helmsman seat. There is a lot of spare space, and I need to utilize all the space I can. What kind of air space is critical around the unit? Will I hinder the operation of the unit if I am to close with other products stored there. Can I glass in a shelf in that locker while maintaing the required ventilation? This is a new boat to me. I am going to spend a lot of time on this site. Great work by all.
 Mark Wey

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