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Main Message Board / Hey Charlie
« on: May 10, 2001, 12:51:38 PM »
Do you think this imposter could be your evil twin!!  His boat probably is a black painted C34 hull, complete with dark helmet.  Just think, lubricating marelon with spray teflon, how disgusting!!!
 Roc :eek:

Main Message Board / Rebedding chainplates
« on: May 08, 2001, 08:48:03 AM »
Hello everyone,
 I see evidence of rust stains around the acorn nuts next to the chainplates when viewed from inside the cabin.  This is seen on the forward two chainplates on the port side.  I did read the article in FAQ on 'How do I rebed leaky chain plates' and have a question.  I was thinking about leaving the tension on the rig, just like Ron suggested.  It seems the force from the shroud is directed through the deck with the T bar that is attached to the tie rod.  I figure I can remove the two bolts on either side of the chainplate along with the plate cover that is attached by two little screws, and dig out the old bedding.  I also see there is a gasket of bedding on the plate where the tie rod is attached to inside the cabin.  I can also dig this bedding out. My question is, am I correct in thinking I can remove these two bolts because the force of the rigging is actually directed to the tie rod??  I want to take these bolts out and check the plywood core.  Based on the design, it seems these bolts can be removed while leaving the system intact and in tension.  I plan on injecting the bedding using a plastic syringe with a flexible small diameter tip.  Any thoughts??

Main Message Board / Edson says not "bahh tight"
« on: May 02, 2001, 05:10:15 AM »
I had to adjust my cable and talked to an Edson customer tech.  They said the cable should have 1" deflection, but not to make it 'bahhh tight', or in other words, from New Jersey like me, that would be 'barrrrr tight'. The reason I had to adjust my cable was very interesting and was quite an experience.  Last summer on the way to Block Island, I lost steerage.  Could turn the rudder one way, but not the other.  The boat kept sailing in circles in about 18kn of wind and a good 2 ft chop.  Not fun.  I quickly doused the sails and dug out the emergency tiller.  If anyone ever tried the emergency tiller, it's not that easy.  Actually, it's just about impossible to keep a straight course.  Advice #1: on a good day, bring out the emergency tiller and get the feel of it.  So, the closest port was 3 hours away.  So for 3 hours it was like steering the QEII using a tiller with the leverage of a toothpick.  When we got to port, I slithered inside to the quadrant and noticed the whole problem was a $0.25 bolt that came off the eyebolt holding the cable to the quadrant.  Apparently, the factory attaches the eyebolt to the quadrant with a washer and two nuts.  The second nut is to lock down on the first.  Advice #2: lock the eyebolts using one nut, then another nut on top that has a nylon lock washer built in so it can't back off as easily.  So that's my story about my adjustment experience.
 Roc  :D

Main Message Board / Remove plastic lens
« on: May 02, 2001, 04:48:45 AM »
 I think if you pry off the clear plastic lens, you can get to the bulb.  My nav light came with two lenses, one clear and a red one for viewing at night.  I've changed out my lenses, and they come out rather easily.

Main Message Board / Anyone heard of the Battery "Equaliser"??
« on: April 30, 2001, 05:15:08 AM »
I saw an ad in the latest USPS ENSIGN about an additive you put into your battery electrolyte solution.  It dissolves any sulfation on the plates and prevents new deposits from forming.  It supposed to reduce charging time and increase discharging time.  Any electrical gurus out there that might comment??
 Battery Equaliser homepage

Main Message Board / Also am interested
« on: April 30, 2001, 05:04:46 AM »
Having a back up bilge pump is a good idea.  I also would like to hear if others have done this.  I got this idea from a great website by a Florida marine surveyor, I suggest checking it out.  
 Yacht survey homepage

Main Message Board / Don't have a zipper
« on: April 24, 2001, 12:59:16 PM »
The side slits on my mainsail cover are kept closed with velcro.  On top is a wide open hole of about 2 inches.  The hole can be pinched closed around the filament because there is enough material.  I could try sewing velcro to that area and pinching it closed.  I had the dealer give me the cover with the cutouts because I didn't want to slacken the lines everytime I put the cover on.  Was wondering what others have done to keep the tops covered.

What kinds of things have you done to keep water from trickling down the filament lines and going through the holes cutout on the top of the mainsail cover?  I notice my mainsail gets dirty from the water.  Would appreciate any suggestions.

Main Message Board / Type/brand
« on: April 18, 2001, 05:10:52 AM »
I would use either LIFECAULK or 3M 4200.  My preference would be Lifecaulk.

Main Message Board / Don't think you can do anything
« on: April 18, 2001, 02:03:51 PM »
I think surveyors have a disclaimer on their reports that says something like, they are not responsible for anything they have missed, or something to that effect.  Surveying is an interesting business.  I don't think they really need to pass any test or be accredited by anyone.  I may be wrong about that, maybe someone has some additional input.

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