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« on: May 19, 2007, 05:17:06 PM »
1. Can anyone advise what works well to clean winter grime/mildew from a Charleston furling mainsail on a 2004 MkII
2.  Is the topping lift necessary on this mast or will the boom vang provide adequate support for the boom and provide the necessary angle to unfurl the mainsail?

Main Message Board / Re: Anchors.
« on: March 29, 2007, 07:09:56 PM »
I upgraded to a Maxwell 800 installed from the factory on our 2004 and also added a down switch during commissioning. We have 300' of 5/16 BBB chain and a 33 lb Bruce (the real thing). We do not move. The planet revolves around us! The three blade prop and M35 really set us. Here in the Pacific Northwest "Brucey" is right at home. We use lots of rode.

Main Message Board / hx zinc acces on Mark II boats
« on: October 09, 2006, 04:30:17 PM »
2004 C34 MK2 hull 1678
We have a very annoying problem and would apprecate any feedback. The Admiral and I are in Point Roberts Marina, Washington (Pacific North West) - a "hot" marina.
We purchased the boat new and have been in the same slip with the samer neighbours since May 2004. We assume our galvanic isolator is working and we just replaced the two prop shaft zincs on Sept 3, 2006. (I have found that these need to be replaced every 6 months.) We run our fridge year round because it is also our floating cottage. I am checking the HX zinc monthly and in the last 6 months I am finding that upon removal, the zinc anode has disinegrated around the thread area at the top of the 9/16" nut. When I remove the nut, the inside of the nut has the remains of the threaded portion and the pencil portion remains in the HX. This happened today when I checked the zinc which I installed on August 30, 2006. I use the OEM pencil anode. The new anode would not screw in properly so I removed the end cap. I found the remains of 3 of the anodes. All were in good condition but all had suffered the same malady.Separation at the thread portion.
I called Gallery Marine but they could not determine the cause other than the level of the water in the HX might happen to drop down to the same height as the nut/zinc when the boat is tied up. The intake valve is closed while at the dock. Any ideas or suggestions as to why is this is happening?

In order to check the #$% zinc we have to clear out the aft cabin including the mattresses. This does not make the Admiral happy. To alleviate this annoying task I plan on instaling an access door in the rear engine compartment. Why Catalina did not do this is a mystery. They have a door to access the fuel filter but we are spending a lot more time in the zinc/end cap area. It looks like I will use the intake valve access door and replace it with a West Marine product. I called Catalina today and was quoted $400 for a Catalina part!! I thought Harley Davidson was bad!
Has anyone done ant modifications to make this zinx inspection task easier?

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