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If you still need a sail for your tall rig, I may have a sail for you. I just bought a new main for my C34 mkII (tall rig).  It's a full batten main and I really have no use for it now. If still interested, please call or text at 267-566-4718.
Canvas 3-piece winter cover for C34 mkII.  Not used in several years.
Make me an offer.
Photos available.
I'm also in the NE.  Last year I was greeted by lots of water in bilge also.  It turns out that the water heater probably wasn't drained properly the previous fall.  I must have had water in the heater over the winter which froze, expanded, and "blew out" the heater.  It drained into the bilge and stayed there until spring.  One new water heater later - all's well again.