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Ophelia shredded my genoa :/.  Having a new 150 crafted but in the meantime looking for something to carry me over to the end of the season here on the Chesapeake.  Ideally looking for a 130 with some usable life left but does not need to be in pristine condition

Feel free to send direct message if interested!
Sheepish question here -- was sailing in a lot of wind last weekend and had a bad tack, jamming my furler line.  Ultimately got that unjammed, but in the process, a portion of the sail (~2-3 vertical ft of sail midway up the mast) wrapped itself backwards around the furler and is now bound up that way.

I can't get it unbound from the ground, so planning to head up the mast to get some leverage on the jam, but wanted to see if anyone had ever encountered this before or had any tips? Hoping some soapy water will lubricate it and get it unstuck.
Thank you all! These are all really excellent suggestions. 

Looks like I'll be replacing the stem fitting too, as I just noticed this crack when I took the sails off this weekend.  Any recommendation on sourcing? Know there's an upgraded one on Catalina Direct - any other recommendations though?
Taking the mast down this offseason to install a windmeter (couldn't remove old wiring/get it through the conduit with the mast up).  Will likely replace halyards, spreader boots, and add a spinnaker crane while its down.

Are there any other projects you wish you had done when you had the mast down that I should think of?
Hello all -

Looking to install a topping lift for the whisker pole - any suggestions what length / diameter line would be appropriate?  Believe I have the 10-18 forespar aluminum