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Sorry, what is HIN? Will look at critical upgrades.  Thks

Hereís a picture of the engine.

The engine model according to the plaque on the engine is a 35AC. 

Iíll take a picture when on the boat tomorrow.  It is a 1996 boat.  The intermittent part is making this difficult.  Will have an extra hand when testing.  Thank you

Thank you all.  Iím pretty certain it is an M35A engine.  No upgrades that Iím aware of.  The prior owner did change the ignition/start switch.  Iím not sure about the Westerbeke RV type plug.  Will check grounding wire.  I am comfortable checking connection etc using a voltmeter.  Perhaps the heal while going to weather did indeed caused something that settled once level again. 

Thank you.  Not starting meaning ignition all good, alarms etc, but when pressing the start button, you only hear a click.  Batteries fully charged.  It is a Universal diesel M35 with a Hurt transmission.  The engine did fire up, but only after moving the gear shifter from reverse, to neutral, to forward, to neutral etc, to ultimately leave it in neutral to start.  It was a 10 -15 minute process of trying for it to the suddenly start.

We've had our C34 MKII for 5 years.  A few years ago, after sailing the boat for 4 hours, keeping the gearbox in reverse, the engine would not start notwithstanding having moved the gear shifter from reverse to neutral, to forward and back to neutral.  It did eventually start, but only after a good 15 minutes going back-and-forth, tacking, etc..  Well it happened again for the second time in 5 years.  Same scenario.  Is there an electronic switch that controls the position of the gearbox, that I can replace?  Thank you for any feedback you may have on this.

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